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Often I hear from people: “I’m not ready for yoga, I have a bad stretch.” This indicates a misconception about yoga in general. It is also aimed precisely at developing those qualities that you lack, and balancing those that are in abundance. How to do this competently, we asked Natalia Kuzmicheva. Known in Moscow as a yoga teacher, Natalia is a co-founder of Sat Nam’s yoga center and the author of a special training program for women.

– Natasha, if a person has never done yoga, where to start? 
– Every yoga begins with an awareness of the rules of behavior: yama and niyama , and among them – primarily from the concept of Ahimsa, nonviolence. If you start to engage very zealously and damage the joint, the knee, for example, will then take 6 months – they do not recover so quickly.

– How to choose the right practice? 
– Choosing their occupation, as a rule, people want to improve what they have and so well. The thin want to lose weight. Who does not already have a stomach, they want the cubes to be, become even denser. And without that the prevailing dosha tends to increase. And now she already weighs 50 kilograms, and there are no monthly ones, and everyone wants to lose weight there. After all, there is medical data: if the fat layer is less than 0.8 centimeters, the menstrual cycle automatically stops. The body begins to think that war and hunger, offspring can not be. But the head should turn on at that moment and say: “Where are you going?”

– So what, you need to do what you just do not want? 
– It is better to scan the whole body thoughtfully – whether everything is in it in order – joints, blood, internal organs. We have specialists in the center who can make a general diagnosis. If some violations were revealed, then first of all they must work. And there is no sense in working with something common, until the private problem is solved – it still will not allow you to fully develop. For example, if a woman has an uneven cycle, she needs a specific female practice, but not rigid practices that require great physical effort.

If a person is bored with hatha yoga, you need bright impressions (or for special reasons – for example, to get rid of addictions), at first Kundalini yoga is very suitable.

If a person is not very confident in himself, depends on someone else’s opinion, he needs force practices that will make him stronger.

But after a while you need to ask yourself again: “What have I achieved? Where am I going”. How does the back work, how does the joints work, what mood, what kind of relationship with relatives? Permanent feedback should be.

– Do you think it is necessary to change the image of nutrition together with the beginning of practice?
– Diet in general need to constantly rebuild, according to the needs. If tomorrow go to yoga, stop eating meat, and start drinking three liters of water a day, then everyone will fall ill. I usually recommend starting with the fact that gradually increase the amount of water you drink. Start drinking water in the morning, then gradually bring up to 2 liters a day. Start watching your chair. It’s kind of obvious, but not for everyone. But if the sewerage is not established in the body, any practice will only carry these wastes throughout the body. Instead of recovery, exacerbations of diseases will begin.

– How do you feel about building a training program with a pendulum? 
“A pendulum is a good thing, but they need to be able to use, not everyone can distinguish information” from above “, from information from their own subconscious or even worse – from their Ego. Need, again, feedback – which would show that the workouts are built competently and benefit.

– You build practice on the lunar cycle. How it’s done? 
– There is such a thing as “medical astrology”. The entire human body is divided into 12 zones, as are the signs of the Zodiac. And when the Moon passes, for example, the sign of Leo, this day the heart is restored. So, it does not need to be overloaded with this one. But not completely in bed to lie, you need a soft calm load – swimming, for example. Good postures upside down. The opposite zone – Aquarius – is located in the calf muscles. In the days of Aquarius, you can give a good load – poprised, run even. It is also important to take into account the phase of the lunar cycle. When the Moon is growing, you can strengthen your workouts. The most powerful training can be on a full moon. On the waning moon, you need to relax the load, you can do cleansing and losing weight.

– Advise books where you can read about it? 
– “Lunar gymnastics”  Paungger and Poppe, “Moon Encyclopedia”  – it is still used by gardeners and truck farmers. I had a note “The Moon in the Signs of the Zodiac” on how to choose a style of yoga on a certain lunar day. It’s interesting to keep your lunar calendar, diary. I often ask women how they started the day, what the mood was, then I say in which sign the moon and we see that the mood corresponds to its effect. Keeping a diary will help to keep track of these links, and when you start to notice patterns, it will be easier for you to build your practice.

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