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Yoga, the way to feel your zen. During yoga, we look for a balance between mind and body. The yoga trends continue to emerge and of course, we have found something new for you. We already had nude yoga, yoga with beer and yoga with your sweet little fluff. It does not stop, there is also silent yoga now. 

We all do not feel like being social after a hectic day. You have received enough stimuli and are ready for some rest. How wonderful it would be to isolate yourself from the rest of the world while performing your yoga exercises. That is not a problem with this type of yoga: the company Sound Off came up with silent yoga.

What is silent yoga? 

During silent yoga, you can fully focus on yourself and you do not have to pay attention to others. Silence is in fact very important for the proper execution of an exercise. By keeping your mind and body as still as possible, you can keep it full for longer. After setting up your headphones you only hear the voice of your instructor, any music or nothing at all. Here you have a free choice.

In this way, you do not miss out on the exercises, and as a yoga lover, you can focus your full attention on yourself. Are you ready with the music and instructor? Then listen to your own breathing through the headphones and enjoy the movements without any noise. Silent yoga ensures that you can perform your yoga exercises in silence whenever and wherever you want. Namasté in silence – we like it!

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