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As you have been able to read more often, I and my friend are crazy about yoga and all the benefits it brings. We are so fond of starting a  pre-teacher training next week!So we already have some experience and therefore know exactly what we find important in a yoga class. For many people who are not yet familiar with yoga and who think that we are sitting on a mat for one hour in a goat wool pair, think again!  

Yoga is upcoming and we are very happy with that. Large (sports) brands have now focused their arrows on yoga. From leggings to mats and in all kinds of colors and prints. And the nice thing is that Zalando also comes in here and has made a very nice compilation page for yoga. Whether you have just taken the first step in the yoga world or are a full-fledged yogi, in both cases you can go here. We took a look for you to report all ins and outs!

What do you need?

You can literally go to this page for all your yoga products. A legging or sports bra, but also yoga mats and various other sports accessories can be found here. There is even a separate cup made where you as a novice yogi knowledgeable in the products that you need. For example, I think a high pair of trousers is very nice during yoga, it does not drop and ensures that I can fully focus on the lesson. On the page, they have already put together a number of outfits so that you can be completely fashionable in the room. Nothing goat wool so ;-)!


Now that you have scored your outfit and mat, of course, you want to get started. This is always possible at a yoga school, but would you like to get started at home with some exercises and are you looking for inspiration? Then you will find a number of good videos on the Zalando page that will help you on your way. They are divided into four categories: detox, activate, relax and strengthen. You can see for yourself which suits you best, or you try them all!

“It’s not your history but your presence on your mat that matters”

The inspiration does not end with these videos, because there are also tips and insights on the website that can help you further in your yoga journey Olav Aarts, an expert in yoga, shares his personal story about how he came to where he is today. Definitely worth reading!

Yoga styles

Yoga really knows many styles. On the page are the 10 most popular yoga styles with explanations and a matching photo. This way you can orientate a little and decide which suits you best. We will definitely try them all 10, do you?

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