Yoga gives you the chance to completely relax. But how frustrating can it be if it fails? Sometimes you have to make a lot of effort to get into your yoga pose. To make yoga a bit easier, we can use props. Props is another word for attributes and you can also use them during yoga. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, whether you are agile or not agile, props can always help you during yoga. Yoga can be quite a challenge. The one time your body works with you and the other time it’s a lot less easy. Do not be ashamed when you choose to use props to get better in your pose, it is not a sign of weakness. Make it easier for yourself with these four props.

yoga props

1. Yoga block

A yoga block is an incredibly useful tool during the lessons. Yes, a yoga block is simply a rectangular block that is usually made of rubber, cork or wood. Do you want to become more flexible? Then you can certainly use the yoga block. The yoga block is used to support on. By placing your weight more on the block, your muscles and joints become less overloaded. This allows you to prevent injuries. It is not the intention that you fall asleep on your yoga block after closing your eyes ;-).

yoga props

2. Yoga belt

The yoga belt can help you to make complicated postures more tolerable. Everybody is different and with one it is easier than with the other. The yoga strap is a good support for people with a short hamstring. You do not have to force your posture anymore by using the yoga strap. The yoga straps are made of cotton for the firmness. Even the real professionals among us can use the yoga belt to make the yoga classes a bit more challenging.

3. Yoga kisses

The yoga cushions are available in different colors, shapes, and heights. Yoga kisses is actually another word for media kisses and are therefore often used during meditation. The pillow is ideal for you if you have trouble with sitting yoga poses. You do not have to sit on the cold floor anymore because the yoga cushion is a nice soft support for your buttocks. In addition, you can sit longer with a straight back through the pillow. Choose a yoga cushion that suits you. Your flexibility is important here, the more flexible you are, the flatter the cushion is that you can choose.

4. Yoga towel

Our collection of yoga attributes is not complete without the yoga towel. Are you starting to lose your grip? Then the yoga towel is your means of rescue. You can also turn it into another attribute by rolling it up. You can use the rolled-up towel as a support for your back. In addition, it is also a lot cleaner for yourself to have your own yoga towel, if you clean it of course regularly;).

So, you no longer have to focus on not falling over during yoga with the help of these props.



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