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Although many people experience the benefits for their physical health during yoga, it is just as much a reason to love yoga because of the spiritual benefits. In recent years, yoga and other similar exercises of the body have been a focus of attention for researchers in the field of psychology. In which they investigated the benefits of individuals working on improving their psychological well-being.

Yoga is therefore increasingly used in the business world, but also in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Recently I spoke to a police detective where the practice of yoga is stimulated for the improvement of physical and especially mental health. There are numerous studies and studies that prove that yoga helps to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and many other psychological problems. (1)

It is also claimed that breathing exercises during yoga calm the nervous system. In general, we take the time to reset ourselves. This gives your mind the chance to recover. Especially in our busy life, where we sometimes miss this space, yoga and meditation have become an essential basis for me in my lifestyle. Through yoga and through the knowledge gained during my Pre Teacher Training, at De Nieuwe Yogaschool, I experience these psychological qualities that are developed by yoga.

1. Mindfulness

Many of the yoga exercises focus on the use of the breath as the main guide through the movements. This gives us the experience to tune in to the present moment and to increase our general awareness. Many yoga teachers also encourage their students to let go of their own judgment and accept where they are in their exercise. We learn to be aware of ourselves and our body and mind are completely connected with each other in a tangible connection. This manifests itself both on the mat and in my daily life.

2. Self-compassion

Because yoga requires dedication, it teaches us to see the importance of self-care and self-love . Together with letting go of the judgment, it encourages us to love where we are and who we are. Yoga teaches us to appreciate that we are all perfectly imperfect and it teaches us to embrace the diversity we bring to our yoga classes every day. We learn to encourage ourselves to take care of our mind, body, emotions and spirituality in a non-judgmental and accepting way.

3. Resilience

Yoga teaches us to take a step back, to let go of our ego and to stick to our goals. The best way to improve your yoga performance is to be patient, especially for those who are just at the beginning of their training. It is a challenge to let go of comparison, but it takes time to build a strong yoga practice and we learn that on the road. The process makes me more stable and brings me more balance. The more I am in balance on the mat, the more I am spiritually in balance. So this goes hand in hand for me and teaches us to breathe through difficult postures, just as we would do through the challenges of life. We learn to be quiet in times of discomfort and by ‘breathing’ at times when we need it most.

4. Insight

One of the most impressive features that yoga has to offer is the appreciation that you always learn and grow. Yoga gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect and establish intentions for your practice, which run parallel with your intentions of life. You constantly check with yourself and ask yourself what you need at that moment. Yoga encourages us to always work on the best possible version of ourselves, but remain open-minded and open-hearted during the process.

5. Purpose

I am more connected to myself through yoga, which gives me the feeling that I am part of something bigger. This does not feel ‘gruesome’ to me, but it gives me guidance on where I want to go and through which I have a huge drive to pursue my inner peace and happiness. I am constantly connected to what is going on now and where I am going. That reminds me on the way to the elements of gratitude and liveliness. To be spiritual means to be ‘only’ connected to what happens inside and through yoga I can create the space to listen to it carefully, it is my inner compass.

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