In a fit lifestyle, we try to discover new things that are healthy and above all delicious! For example, we have already embraced the avocados in a fit world with surrender and from now on it will only become more beautiful. There are now three vegetables that contain super good nutrients and you probably do not know. They are unique and you can endlessly vary in your dishes … 

The brother of the red radish: black radish

You read it correctly, the black radish. Black food has long been a trend, such as black ice cream or black buns. From now on a healthy option, the black radish. This radish is slightly larger than the red one. There is a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin B in this radish, and there are only 48 calories per radish. Add this black friend to your salad, and it gives a delicious refreshing taste.


Beautiful purple is not ugly: purple sweet potato

The orange sweet potato is already a huge trend, but this purple sweet potato really surpasses it. This sweet potato is very tasty and is full of antioxidants. Researchers started looking for this purple beauty as eating it would reduce stress. We do not say no to that, right?


Chic the Frique: beluga lentils

Last but not least, a new type of lentils. They are beautiful black lentils, and they are very similar to the beluga caviar. Hence the chic name for these lentils. There are many ways to enjoy these black lentils. For example, you can use the cooked lentils in your salads. They are full of good proteins and fibers. There are 23.4 grams of protein in a serving of 100 grams of beluga lentils.

We can not miss this emerging food trend and we are very curious about these new,  healthy veggies. Have you accidentally discovered and tasted them, let us know!



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