You can not think of it as crazy, or you can use it in a salad. Salads are ideal for lunch or as a quick supper. There are endless possibilities to make a delicious salad. Nutritious & Fast has invented a delicious flavorful salad of chicory and walnuts. This time no lettuce in your salad, but chicory leaves. You have this salad on the table in no time. what more do we want?

Chicory is usually available in the supermarket from October to April. You can  eat chicory raw as in this salad, but you can also cook delicious. So there are many possibilities to prepare tasty recipes with chicory. If you have a bit of a bitter taste, chicory is your favorite crust. Chicory is full of vitamin C and potassium. This vegetable consists of 90% moisture.

What you need (2-4 servings)

  • Bosui – 2 pieces
  • Chicory – 2 stumps
  • Ripe pear – 1 piece
  • Unsalted walnuts – 50 grams

For the dressing

  • Extra virgin olive oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Balsamic vinegar – 1 tablespoon
  • Coarse pepper and sea salt – to taste

Make, Shake & Bake

  1. First take the chicory stalks and chop off the bottom. Now remove the leaves.
  2. The green part of the spring onion is now cut into small rings.
  3. Peel the pear, then remove the core and cut the pear into small pieces.
  4. Grab a bowl. Mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
  5. Mix the chicory, spring onions and the pear. Break the walnuts into pieces and mix.
  6. Place this on a nice plate and drip the dressing over the salad.


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