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Those who work out in the gym are aware of the feeling of uneasiness created when they drink protein powder in the audience. The old lady thinks she’s a drug addict, the caring mother turns her son’s look on the other side, etc.
But does protein powder really hurt? Should we worry?
Let’s find out!


The answer to this question is actually very simple: NO!
If they hurt they would not be sold or the consumer would read on the label that harms his health. In reality, for our organism there is no difference between the supplements we take and the solid food we eat.

This is because we talk about food, while the body reads nutrients. We talk about proteins but we absorb amino acids (di and tri peptides). The body is not able to understand from which food source these amino acids arrive, whether from a supplement or from solid food.

digestion nutrients and foodsThe body does not recognize if amino acids come from protein powder or food

Does protein powder hurt? When and when not

It rarely happens to read in the newspaper glaring news of deaths due to supplements. These very sporadic cases (in fact often the news comes from abroad) occur due to genetic defects on the enzymes involved in proteases or inherent in cellular processes. It is not the supplement that causes death, the person had a congenital inability to withstand certain protein loads that came from supplements or not. These subjects are so rare to make just news and do not affect the metabolism of normal people (if a person dies from eating almonds is not that the almonds are automatically bad for everyone).

Protein powder is bad for the liver or kidneys?

It has always been associated with protein intake (in this case in powder) to kidney or liver problems. In healthy subjects this correlation has never been demonstrated and in recent years the scientific literature has questioned the relationship also for many diseases.

It is logical that the doctor (in those who write to us about protein powder that the doctor is against ), in a position of caution, will always advise to avoid taking something that you do not need. Ours is not an invitation not to listen to the doctor (before denouncing us), but simply to study the scientific literature on the subject and then make his own opinion.

Protein powder contraindications

They are useless to take protein powder if you already take the daily protein quota through food. If you are strongly lactose intolerant and sensitive to galactose and if you have an altered intestinal microbiota . In this case, take protein powder with no added taste. The sugars that are added are artificial sweeteners , which worsen the microbiota. On the contrary, neutral whey (in moderate doses) have a positive effect on intestinal microflora.

Protein powder make you fat?

Although proteins are the macronutrient that makes you “fatten” less, the addition of protein powders is not free and should always be counted in the daily caloric intake. On average, one scoop of protein is 90-130kcal and adds 20-30g of protein. As if they came from food they must be counted and above all it is useless to assume them in excess. Protein powders do not make you fat, but lead to weight gain if they lead us to caloric excess.

Protein powder bad? Conclusions

To conclude, the consumer can feel comfortable about taking protein supplements, which actually do nothing but increase the share of protein in the diet. Those who are curious can make both a visit to the health ministry and to the WADA website that regulates doping worldwide.
In this way he will see ministerial decrees and world organizations what they think of protein supplements, thus having a super partes idea.

Italian regulation supplementsMinistry of health and legislation supplements

powdered proteins are badWADA World Anti-Doping Organization Site

The last fundamental point that we need to understand is that supplements are comfortable but do not provide, with the same macronutrients, any advantage to body composition or performance.

Protein powders replace cod, egg white, chicken breast, etc. just for convenience and in this light the person decided whether to integrate or not.

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