But do the eggs hurt? Do we have to avoid them or exaggerate how Rocky did?

The high  biological value of an egg is 100. The biological value is an indicator of the quality of the proteins contained within a food. As with many foods, making the difference is not so much the food itself, but the moderation and control in the intake. I would therefore like to dwell on the differences between the various eggs to help you understand how to choose them based on their quality.

Some basic notions about eggs

the eggs are bad


An egg is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, riboflavin , folic acid, choline, iron, phosphorus, potassium. It has a lot of cholesterol, but it should not scare you: our body guarantees the correct balance between endogenous and exogenous cholesterol, regulating endogenous production based on the intake of external cholesterol. To learn more about cholesterol , I recommend an article that explains its nature and functioning.

For many, the egg is considered the largest cell. Actually not all the components are part of the cell. However, let us imagine that the shell is membrane, that the albumen represents the cytoplasm and the yolk the nucleus.

How to distinguish an egg that is good for one that hurts the supermarket

The eggs you find at the supermarket indicate some values ​​that, once understood, can help you choose more correctly and consciously. Already from the pack, you may notice that belong to category A . Often in advertising terms this “label” is used as a synonym of quality; in fact, to be sold must belong to this category that nothing else indicates if not the fact that they have been washed and that they are still intact.
To help you clarify this concept, category B is for industry.

Each egg is also branded. The first number on the left of the mark can be 0, 1, 2 or 3. It is 0 if it is biological hens, 1 hens are kept outdoors, 2 if they are raised in a greenhouse with artificial light and 3 if they are kept in cages. The next two letters indicate the country of origin, as IT for Italy. These parameters can be very important to understand the relationship between Omega 6 and Omega 3, mentioned in the paragraph below.

So do the eggs hurt?

eggs omega 6 and omega 3

The nutrients contained in the eggs can vary depending on the type of feeding of the hen and therefore according to the breeding techniques. For this reason, industrial eggs have on average an Omega 6 / Omega 3 ratio of 20/1, a definitely unbalanced and inflammatory relationship. The eggs of the farmer instead have a ratio of Omega 6 / Omega 3 ranging from 3/1 up to 1,5 / 1, very optimal.

It is therefore clear that two eggs with the same amount of proteins, fats, calories and with the same wealth of chemical components, can have completely different qualities according to the breeding techniques.

For more information read the article on how many eggs a week .

The eggs do not hurt but above all the eggs do not hurt the liver (at least in the correct quantities). Its fats are mainly monounsaturated and the amino acids have a high quantity of branched amino acids which bypasses the hepatic metabolism and are metabolized in the muscle.

Soft-boiled eggs and a bull’s-eye

Egg with a bull's eye

The egg white is rich in avidin , a glycoprotein that abducts the biotin, vitamin H of the B complex. This can lead to vitaminosis, an egg white disease linked to problems in growth. Therefore raw eggs are bad . To solve the problem, eggs should be cooked, but they should not be cooked too much.

Egg cholesterol is not very bioavailable; the lecithin, once cooked, in fact does not take it. Avidin must be cooked, while lecithin must remain raw. The egg white should be cooked but the yolk is preserved: the soft-boiled eggs or the beef eye is ideal!

So the eggs do not necessarily hurt! But it can help you choose them carefully at the supermarket and understand how to prepare them in a certain way.

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