beast mode

Who does not know it? The word ‘ beast mode ‘. Actually, this word means that you are going to ram hard in the gym, like a beast. That you concentrate on your sport, go to the extreme and crawl home when your training is over.

I find it funny to see that there are many people who also turn on their beast mode. I really can not tell you that everyone has a beast fashion just like that. You have to develop this, you have to want it yourself and you have to want and dare to go to the limit. I believe that you only get results by always training hard, having variety in your workouts and listening to your body.

Till the end

When I started training I wanted to do ten repetitions and that was it. I moved the weights, that was my training. Now I am going to the limit, I am going to fail. Failure is the point that your muscles are no longer able to, the point that you can not mentally no longer be over. That means that I always have to push myself for another repetition. That not only makes my body stronger but also my mind. Until failure, everyone can go. At least, anyone with enough motivation. You will not see results if you do not train heavily. Then go back to your bike or treadmill to talk about with your sports buddy. Strength training is addictive, once you’ve found your turn. You will see change, and quickly too. If you perform the exercises well and train heavily.

My workout

My workout starts as soon as I step out my front door to the gym. Music from Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard from my ears to pep up myself. From then on I am focused, ready to go. In the gym, I start with a warm-up. My warming up his abdominal exercises or the cross trainer. 20 minutes abdominal muscles or a small 10-minute interval on the cross trainer, just what feels good.

I always train what feels good. Where do I have no muscle pain, which muscles feel strong? I train how long I want and what I want, as long as it feels good and I’m not hungry. When I get hungry, my workout is over, always. At that moment your body will turn to your muscles and break them down. So the work you do is then for nothing.

Strength training for beginners

When I first started with strength training, it took months before I did a good workout. I still learn from every training and every article that I read. For you already some tips, so you start a little smoother than mine.

If you are just starting out with strength training, do not work with multiple exercises per muscle group. First focus on getting to know your body, your strengths and your weaknesses and the exercises. Make sure you do not overtrain, so do not take too much hay on your fork. Start with a full-body workout, where you do one exercise per muscle group. Do 2 to 4 sets until failure. You train your quads, hamstrings, chest, back, belly, biceps and triceps.

Do this for 6 to 8 weeks and then see how far you have come. Can you take more weight, do you see yourself growing, can you fail? Yes? Then change the training schedule. Do other exercises and hold your full-body workout or experiment in multiple exercises per muscle group. The most important thing is to alternate your exercises. Your muscles will get used to the exercises if you always do the same. Always take the exercises heavy, but you can still carry out the exercises properly. The execution of the exercise is much more important than the kilos that you have in your hands.

Exercises for a full-body workout

Her first good training schedule that I received thanks to a personal trainer.

Quads: squats

Hamstrings: stiff leg deadlift

Back: pull-ups

Chest: cable fly

Triceps: cable press down

Biceps: cable curl

Belly: lay raises and v-crunch

Remember: Do your warming up and immerse yourself in the execution!

“It’s not about how you want it, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it!

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