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It is 7 o’clock in the morning and your alarm goes off. It is time to meet the appointment with yourself and to start exercising. You’ve come up with several other excuses this week to still be able to lie down, and today is the moment you have to shine yourself. Before you know it you have already snoozed the alarm clock and you turned yourself around again. Here we go again …

If you are not used to exercising in the morning, it can be a complete changeover. Are not you a morning person but do you want to exercise in the morning, then we have some tips. Maybe they do not all work for you, but give it a try.  Who knows, maybe you’ll become a morning athlete again.

1. From the springs

Of course, it all starts with actually getting out of bed. Are you someone who snoozed your alarm clock 20 times before you get out of bed? Then put a few alarm clocks and place your alarm clock or mobile on the other side of the room. If you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm you are actually already too awake to go back to sleep. In this way, physical exercise is much easier. If you keep this up for a week you will notice that it will be a lot easier than the first time.

2. Start immediately

Good training starts with a good warm up, so cycle to the gym once instead of immediately grabbing the car. By the time you arrive, you are already a bit warmed up and ready for your workout. In addition, you are immediately awake, so you are more focused during exercise. This makes your training only more effective.

3. Be prepared

The worst thing during your training is of course if you find out that you have forgotten something. Your sports bra or your water bottle are of course a  must during your workout. When you get up early to work out, it can sometimes happen that you forget something because of your sleepiness. Therefore, make sure you prepare everything before you start exercising so that you do not forget anything. Think of your sportswear, sports shoes, water bottle, towel and a protein bar if you have to go straight to work or school.

A good playlist during your exercises can work very well. Find a good playlist the night before your training or create one for yourself. This prevents you having to do this in the gym so that you can go straight to the box.

4. Measure your results

‘Does this work for me?’, ‘I see no change at all’ and ‘Nothing happens at all.’ These things sometimes go through the head of us all. Therefore, make sure that you continue to measure your results. Do not do this every day, because you will not see an improvement that quickly, but for example every week or every two weeks. Do this by, for example, taking a picture or standing on the scale. Choose what works best for you. Remember that the numbers on the scale do not always say something, because muscles also weigh.

Benefits of a morning workout

Do you have many things on your mind through your work or study? A good training session can ensure that you can clear your head completely and reduce your stress. In addition, it can also generate new and original ideas. A good brainstorming session with yourself during exercise is therefore highly recommended. Another added advantage is that you are free in the evenings when you exercise in the morning. Perhaps obvious, but certainly something to remember.😉

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