Self-discipline, willpower, perseverance, we have it all, although one person has more than the other. You will not achieve great things without self-discipline and perseverance. If you have big goals, whether it’s fat loss, eating healthier, running a marathon or getting up half an hour every morning, perseverance is needed to help you through the moments you’re actually wondering want to crochet. How do you make sure you skyrocket your perseverance?

Visualize your final goal

Take your final goal into the mind and consider why that goal is important to you. What does your future look like, why is the goal so important to you? See yourself while achieving your goal. Feel how well you feel, how it is to have overcome all your difficult moments and now have reached your goal.

By visualizing your end goal, you ensure that you go to work with your goal in mind. The good feeling it gives you when thinking about achieving your goal will be extra motivation to continue if it is difficult.

Make a routine of certain behavior

Discover what your good and bad habits are. Begin by replacing a bad habit with a good habit every day or every week. Do this step by step so that your bad habits that keep you away from your goal end slowly and the good habits increase. Make the behavior necessary to reach your goal a routine.

Do you want to become fitter but do not have time to exercise? Then put the alarm clock every day half an hour earlier and go for a walk. Watch a half hour shorter TV and prepare your meals for the next day. Find something that you want to change, and take the step. The better your routine, the less perseverance is needed to keep it going and the easier it is.

Stop self-pity

Teach yourself not to always feel sorry for yourself. Stop admitting to things that oppose your goals. Train yourself to do what is needed, even if you do not always feel like it.
Reduce your TV time and go hiking, skip your dessert after dinner, put that piece of chocolate back in the fridge and stick to your feeding schedule. Practice this constantly, do not give in to things that do not help with your goal. The more often you train your self-discipline, the stronger it will become.

Set mini steps

Although you do not see or feel great changes every day, all small steps progress. You need time to become more muscular. You have not become 10 kilos too heavy in one day and those 10 kilos are not finished within a day.
Look carefully at your final goal, then look at your behaviors that stand in your way and change your behavior step by step. You do not have to work 2 hours a week from now on, you can also walk a quarter of an hour a week if that is easier for you. But do something. Take the first small step, because many small steps together become giant leaps.

Find your motivation and your bad triggers

Learn from what you do. Sometimes it is very difficult to go against hunger, sometimes the voices in your head are screaming that you have to take a bite of peanut butter. Learn at what times this occurs, find out which situations are difficult for you or if your resistance is low. If you know that, you can avoid or prevent situations like that. Make sure you know when you are ‘weak’ and escape the bad triggers that way.

Make it easier for yourself by taking away the temptations. Hang photos of your final goal. Put crosses for all the good steps you have taken. Discover what motivates you and what you get energy from. That will make it easier to overcome the difficult moments. Your willpower can go up and down together with your energy level. When you are more tired, the chance of admitting is greater. If at such a moment you notice that you have less willpower then, for example, put on motivational music, pep yourself up, go do something, laugh. Train yourself to enjoy what you do and enjoy your goal when you are full of energy, so you can feel at the weaker moments you are doing it all for.

The main tip for growing perseverance

Just do it. Serious. Stop whining when the alarm goes a quarter of an hour earlier, and do not push it further. A quarter of an hour longer sleep or another fifteen minutes of extra work on your final goal. Just go to the gym even if you do not feel like it. Sometimes you have to make sense for big goals. Do not think in ‘I can not have dessert’, you can eat that dessert. You just do not want it because your final goal is more important than that dessert. Think carefully about your choices and make the right choices. The more often you make a choice, the easier it becomes to make it the next time. This applies to both good and bad choices. Choose wisely.

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