Why does the day count so few hours? Why do not I manage to finish what I have planned in advance at the end of the day? And are there always things on my ‘to do list’? How do I deal more effectively with my time?

I do not know what it is: I am a star in ‘to-do lists’. Sometimes I wake up at night and something needs to be added. NOW. Because to-do crafts help me clear my head and make sure that I can focus on what really needs to happen now. But how is it possible that when I look at my to-do list at the end of the day, there is more to it than I had thought of beforehand? Do I want to spend too much time in too little time? Or are other factors important?

There are ways that help you organize your time better, help you keep a focus on what you want to achieve, help you become more successful and help you become a better version of you. Read the tips here:

 Get up early

Research shows that 90% of successful people are on workdays before 6 o’clock. I recently started working at 5.30 am and am leaving for work at around 6 o’clock. This means that I start working at 6.30 (on the train). My experience: fantastic! (not when my alarm goes, but …) Because I start before the crowds, before all others start working: I can read my emails carefully and answer them, I view my agenda and prepare my appointments, I make a list of things that I really need to finish that day, I organize my mailbox, make a schedule for the day and prepare important things. And that in peace. As a result, I experience less stress, I have more overview, which makes it easier for me to focus. And the added benefit: through all of this I feel happier,

And yes, for this I do deliver something: an hour of zapping in the evening for the TV or an hour of chatting with my friend. But, I am also home early again, another advantage, because I start my day early, while my son is still asleep, I have more ‘waking’ hours left to be really present as a mother to my son. What do you think is more important?

Start your day with exercise/sports

Firstly because it probably will not come out of it later, because it is so nice at home, so warm, you are really too tired to exercise, you just do not have time, your friend spontaneously comes along… Do it immediately, you can not get out of it!

In addition, sport results in a reduction of stress. You feel fitter, healthier and happier. Who would not want to start the day with a good mood?

Start the day with the tasks that really need to be completed

By starting your day with what really needs to be done (even before the hustle and bustle of children, colleagues, friends), you prevent yourself from feeling like you’re not shooting at the end of the day. Starting your day with that what is happening means that you can not be distracted by social media, news, etc. No, it will not work…

And starting with what really needs to be done means that you can also work on your personal goal in this time, for example making that bag yourself, or more exercise, or that book that you want to write for years, but always finds no time for it.

Research shows that by doing something every day to achieve your goal, you make yourself a habit, learn a routine, and you will achieve your ultimate goal sooner and more successfully. This is also known as chain theory (the productivity chain). Which goal do you want to achieve? Just do it!

Start your day with a strategic planning

In the morning you are still sharp, so take the day for yourself and plan and write it down. I use beautiful notebooks for this purpose. Good planning helps you to keep the focus on what is important during the day, it helps you to be focused and efficient to work, instead of following the facts.

Do you want to break bad habits in a week? And learn new healthy habits? The book Helweek by Erik Bertrand Larssen can help you with this. The book is a huge hype in Norway and also in the Netherlands, this is becoming a hype.

In the book, Bertrand takes you by the hand to get through the week, with each day having a different theme. In addition, he has included rules that you have to keep to that week, for example, every day at 22 o’clock to bed and getting up at 5 o’clock, eating healthy and exercising every day and if you work, you spend your time at work and not on private ends. including social media.

The goal: to step out of your comfort zone, to see and experience that you can do more than you think. A week in which you set goals and notice that you can also achieve them if you keep focus. But also a week in which you take good care of yourself because you eat healthy food every day.

In my opinion, Bertrand has good points and I am therefore seriously thinking about entering the week soon. What is now a week on a very human life? If that helps you become a better version of yourself?

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” (Nelson Mandela)


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