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In mid-September, the 50th Mr. Olympia was in Las Vegas. I really like that kind of competition. It is an example of men and women who are satisfied with their bodies but are always concerned with what can be better. People who do not complain about what they want to improve, but who do it ‘just’.

From thighs gap to strong legs

I had a thigh gap a year ago. For those who do not know what that is, your thighs do not touch each other when you stand upright with your feet apart. I was thin, unhealthy and always tired. The stress and pressure of my graduation had an impact on my body and after graduation, I had to change course. I wanted to feel happy with my body and had everything for it.

I took a subscription at the gym and after a lesson ‘Grit Strenght’ I fell in love with pulling weights. That is where my way to a healthy body began. And a healthy mind.

Now, a year later, my body has changed. No, no thigh gap or thin model body. Finally, I have buttocks and thighs again. Female forms as it is also called. The gym is my playground and I love it. It makes me a happy person to do 4 or 5 days a week what I like.

perfect body




I have never been satisfied with my body. It could always be slimmer and I was obsessed with the skinny models. That was my ideal image and I wanted to be like that too. The result was an unhealthy way of life. And all-powerful, how does that affect your mind! An eternal battle between what was good and bad, it was crazy to be.

Strength training was my salvation. I have never been so satisfied with what I have achieved. I have barely been on the scale in the past year, it just does not bother me anymore. Last time I had reached ten kilos. At first, I felt panic, but then I realized that these are the main muscles. I eat healthily, but also like good food. That’s what I do. I do not count calories, I count meals – 5 a day. It is a mindset.

Everyone can change

Whether you’re fat or thin, everyone deserves a healthy body. Unfortunately, that is not the case, we have to work for it. A search for a balance between wanting, doing and going too far. It is a lifestyle, not just something you do. You will have to give up or leave things for it. But it has to be in balance with the rest of your life. Ultimately, the whole life is about finding balance. A constant battle, in which many people have an opinion. Ultimately, it is about feeling happy with yourself. Nothing more and nothing less…

perfect body



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