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Strong is size perfect. The statement of Fitness album and also the statement that I was a member of the girl’s crew but especially as a person 100 percent behind. Being self-assured, believing in your own abilities, choosing a lifestyle that suits you and acting from your own strength makes you a strong person! Of course sounds all very nice but how do you actually do that in your power? Can you use some extra mental power? Then follow the tips below.

Stop taking yourself down

Especially women are very good at this, making themselves smaller than they actually are. Of course, modesty is beautiful but not trot. Receive compliments instead of apologizing or justifying yourself. And be aware of what you are saying to yourself during the day. You often get yourself the most down. When you constantly tell yourself that you can not, that you are not good enough, that you are not worth it, then you will believe in yourself. As a result, you will also radiate this and eventually make your own negative beliefs true. Because what do you think you exude when you are constantly negative to yourself? Stop it! Now just say positive and constructive things to yourself. OK, you do not have to really believe it right away, but changing your behavior comes to change your feeling. By being consistently positive towards yourself, you will also feel more positive. As a result, more self-esteem and a super beautiful powerful appearance.

Consider what you think is important

Sometimes you can become insecure because of the influence of others. For example, they disapprove of what you do, question it or try to convince you to do something else. Difficult! Certainly, if you are not completely comfortable with yourself, you will be more easily influenced. In order to prevent this from now on, or at least to reduce it a lot, I advise you to make a list. Make a list of about five themes that are important to you. For example freedom, a healthy lifestyle, regularity, genuineness, etc. Think which words suit you and what you want to stand for. Try to keep it as close as possible to yourself. And write for each word three points where this word stands for you. Make sure you finally get a list that is entirely self-evident to you, this is you. Hang this list in a place where you regularly encounter it. When you have to make choices in the future or you notice that someone is shaking you, think of your list. What did you think was important, what do you stand for? This ensures that you stay close to yourself and make choices based on your values and this feels a lot more powerful!

Start your day with a thought

Remember every morning when you wake up, what you want to get out of this day today. What do you want to add to today? What do you have to bring today? May sound a bit heavy but this can, of course, be something very simple or small. As long as it matters to you. By starting your day with an intention, you start with a positive mindset and your thoughts will automatically be more focused on positive things. By doing this consistently and possibly also writing it down, you train your brain to focus more on opportunities and possibilities. By focusing on this for a while, you will also attract more positivity and gain success experiences. Moreover, you get more satisfaction from your day. If that does not give a mental power boost!

Do not put your energy into things that you have no influence on

Do you know that? At the end of the day, you feel completely lethargic and extinguished because you have wasted energy with things that you know you have no influence on. Stop it! From now on, consider whether you can change the situation. Is this possible? Go for it? Can not this be? Let it go. You then waste a lot of power that you obviously prefer to use in a more useful way. Of course, this applies not only to situations but also to the behavior of other people. How someone else behaves towards you cannot be influenced, but how you deal with them yourself the more. Do not try to convince the other person or show things in, but stay with yourself. The other person may not have his day and responds to you. Whatever the reason, leave it with the other person. Take good care of your own energy and do not be fooled by a lousy remark from someone else. Stand in your own strength, believe in yourself and do what feels right for you. You radiate this and with this, you help and inspire a lot of other people. Create your ultimate lifestyle and stand for it and remember: strong is size perfect!

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