Piloxing- what? You hear it right! Piloxing. PILOXING® is a combination of Pilates, boxes, and dance in one. In 2014, Piloxing emerged as a trend and was conceived by Viveca Jensen. Since the lesson has come to the Netherlands, it is already offered in many different places. It is a lesson that is slightly different from other lessons and in which you simultaneously work on your stamina. Let’s kick some ass!

What is Piloxing?

Piloxing was conceived by Hollywood trainer Viveca Jensen. Jensen is a personal trainer for various Hollywood stars. Besides personal trainer, she is also a Pilates instructor and dancer. Piloxing is an intense interval training that is a combination of pilates, boxes, and dancing. With this training, you work on your fitness, burn calories and build up muscles at the same time. According to Jensen, you would feel ‘powerful’, ‘sleek’ and ‘sexy’! Because a part of dance has been added, it makes the lesson a lot more playful.

What else do you want? Work on your flexibility, muscle building, speed and dexterity in one workout. It is the ideal combination to get out of the lesson. Jensen aims to make women physically and at the same time mentally stronger through fitness. The workout is actually aimed at women, but men are also welcome during the lesson! The lesson is suitable for everyone. It does not matter whether you just started exercising or that you are already an advanced athlete. Everyone can participate in this lesson at their own pace and at their own level. It does not matter what your age is, the lesson is for young and old!

How does it work?

Piloxing has its own lesson routine. You follow the lesson without sports shoes. You do this on your bare feet or on anti-slip socks because you make a different box and dance movements. This ensures that you have a lot of feeling and do not slip away during the lesson. You also wear special gloves with a weight. This weight is half a kilo (500 grams) per glove and provides just a little more effect during the workout.

Because it is an intensive interval training, you are constantly in motion. You go from pilates to boxes and then go dancing, and the speed of each exercise is different every time. The exercises vary from a high to a low speed. Sweating is guaranteed and you will feel very powerful through this training.

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