Suddenly there is the dreaded wall, BAM! You run into it and you have lost the grip. Your motivation is hard to find and you do not understand where it comes from, while you really had a reasonably active rhythm. You did everything right but still you are thrown out as if you were hurled out of a roller coaster.

And then it is also difficult to pick up the thread because now you are also disappointed. Come on! We all have our moments. Reaching your goals is just about ups and downs. So do you need motivation? With these tips you are back-on-track again !


Thoughts, feelings and behavior play an important role in achieving your success. Starting is one thing, perseverance is the challenge! It all has to do with your mindset. Maybe you’ve been sick and then difficult to pick up your rhythm or maybe you have canceled twice and you think it does not make any sense anyway. It is time to believe in yourself. Sports dips are very normal, it is part of the process. So let go of all your negative thoughts and start again! A fresh new start!

Sports motivation tips

  • Visualize an image of yourself with what you want to look like! (And if it can now put your favorite sports music on and put it on hard, sounds crazy but we get immediate inspiration!) Did you do that? Beautiful! Let’s go!
  • Grab pen and paper and write down why you want this. What are the advantages?
  • Provide a week & day structure in which you plan to schedule sports.
  • Search the Internet for Fitspiration photos and videos (Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Put your sports bag and stuff ready. Do that today!
  • Buy a new sports outfit if necessary! (Betting that it helps?))
  • Tell your partner that you MUST play sports. A stick behind the door can not hurt.
  • Try to understand your weaknesses, where does it usually go wrong? Think about how you can break that pattern and write it down.
  • Provide achievable goals. Think realistic, you are not top fit in 1 month. For example: Your goal is to reduce your body fat percentage. Make it concrete by making an appointment with yourself: In 6 months I want to have a decrease of 6%, that is a decrease of your fat percentage of 1% per month.
  • Think big! The only thing that gets in the way of your goals is you! You are not too late, too old, or too young, you are not too busy. Honestly, they are just excuses! Believe in it and never give up! You really come.
  • Do not look at the scale but at your pants sizes.
  • Measure yourself. Make a start photo and have your fat percentage measured monthly. Measuring is knowing.
  • It is trial and error, as with everything in life. Do you have a setback? Think of it as a learning process. You do not know the word ‘failure’!
  • You do this for yourself to feel more beautiful, fitter, happier, happier and happier!
  • There is nothing but nothing else more important than a fit and healthy body!

Never give up on your dreams..:)

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