Do you know that? That feeling that everyone around you has, always has time for, is disciplined, achieves goals and still has fun with it? While you have already become involved in a discussion with yourself before each training session and you think up arguments to convince yourself that falling on the couch in front of the TV is really better for you now.

And oh yes, a bag of chips is also best, because you have had such a bad day! The next day you bale and you decide to really start training tonight. That evening you drag, with some reluctance, to the gym and you’re already sweating and sweaty on the various cardio machines. Meanwhile, you’re frustrated wondering how all those others are still holding on to this and still seem to like it. Stop and then give up? No way! You too can have fun in sports, persevering and yes, even achieving your desired goals. Do you want to know how? Read the tips below and in no time you will be a proud Fit Girl!

How do I start exercising?

Do what you like

This may sound like an open door but nothing is less true! Most people do a sport that they actually do not like at all. They join the hype or quickly do a sport that friends do. Sin! In this way, sports costs a lot of effort, because you have to do enough things that you do not like. Go try sports through a trial lesson. This way you discover what suits you and it will take much less effort to keep up with sports.

Set specific goals

Suppose you want to lose weight. Do not take as goal: ‘I want to lose weight’, because this is much too large because when is that goal achieved? How much do you want to lose weight and how are you going to do this? In short, make your goal as specific as possible and divide it into various interim goals. For example: ‘In one month I lost 3 kg by going to the gym four times a week’. By making your goal specific, it is measurable and it is easier to check whether you are still on the right track. In addition, the intermediate goals provide more motivation and focus and that is exactly what you need to stay sharp.


Never give up!

Do not give up

Many people tend to give up when they do not see fast enough results. Due to lack of results they lack the motivation to continue while results simply take time. Give yourself that time and know that your perseverance will sooner or later be rewarded and then you can be extra proud.

And how do I keep up with sports?

Do not be too strict for yourself.

Do you really feel no need to train or are you just very tired? Do not go. If you are too strict, the exercise will stop you, so that you will go less and eventually stop altogether. Allow yourself a night off and do not feel guilty! But stay critical and do not use every wipe to avoid going.

Be prepared

Unforeseen situations can sometimes lead to a loss of exercise. For example, always bring a set of sportswear and sports shoes so that you do not have to go home first to get your stuff. This way you prevent an extra threshold not to go. In addition, plan your sports days for the following week on Sundays. Put this as appointments in your agenda and be faithful to this. Appointment is an appointment, so you do not allow anything to intervene here.

Provide sufficient variety and challenge.

To keep up with your work, you need motivation and result gives motivation. So you have to ensure sufficient results and this is achieved through sufficient variety. Are you still there? 😉You can think of variety in the choice of your sport but also alternation within your training. Challenge yourself! If you train in the gym, take those weights and write down what you are lifting. This way you can train more heavily every week and your progress is also clearly visible. This makes you naturally proud and your body extra endorphin (happiness hormone) to. And this again provides extra energy and meaning in your next training.

And then the last but certainly not unimportant:

Do not compare yourself with others!

Everyone is different. Comparing yourself with others only generates frustration. Focus on your own goals and challenge yourself to be a bit better every day than you were yesterday, that only gives energy!

And now? No more excuses, you train! Go for it!

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