Are you someone where motivation is often hard to find for a work-out? Then dancing is really something for you. Without you realizing it, you are full of energy doing a killer work-out. Release your inner Beyoncé today and dance the stars of heaven. Besides, that music is, of course, a real boost, we still have four reasons to start dancing. So do not sit still on your chair and move your ass. 

1. You forget that it is a work-out

Dancing is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and effective workouts that exist. Dancing is in fact very good for your body. You are constantly in motion so you build your fitness. The more often you do it, the longer you can keep it up every time. During dancing, you train a lot of different muscle groups. For example, you train your abdominal muscles because you often have to contract them to stay in balance. In addition, you often train your buttocks and leg muscles because you often have to lower your knees. You probably did not know this, did you? Dancing is, therefore, the perfect work-out without being aware of it. Ideal right?

2. You can release the Beyoncé in yourself

You do not have to worry about anyone while dancing. Everyone has a Beyoncé aka Sasha Fierce hidden in them and during dancing, you can let them out of her shell. Whether you only want to dance in the living room or during a dance class, dance as if nobody is looking at you. You will feel a lot more energetic and tastier when you do not give anyone his opinion. You go girl. 

3. It is an outlet for your emotions

Dancing is the ultimate opportunity to let all your emotions go. Whether you’re angry, happy or sad, you can let it all go while dancing. The perfect outlet! Choose a song that suits your mood and let your body move on the music. Why moody when you can shake your booty? 

You do not have to think about anything. Dancing can ultimately be incredibly soothing and may make you feel a lot better. The music alone makes you a lot happier and in combination with dancing, you get a double shot of happiness.

4. Everyone can do it

You do not need anything or anyone besides yourself: no weights or weird machines. Are you afraid that you can not dance and therefore do not you dare to participate in dance lessons? Release the beast once in yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Fuck it, try a dance lesson that you’ve always dreamed of. Everyone has to learn and start somewhere. One person has a little more sense of rhythm than the other, but everyone can dance, you too. So do not be stopped by negativity or the voice in your head that says you can not.

In addition, you can dance wherever and whenever you want. First, you do not have to look far for a dance school. There are also many gyms that offer dance lessons in different dance styles. There is something for everyone, from ballet to hip-hop to salsa. Have not you found your style yet? Then look further than the dance styles that you know. On YouTube, you will find enough videos for inspiration. For example, look for modern dance, hip hop or salsa!

Whether you’re more of The Hokey Pokey or more of twerk, whether you’re young or old, whether you’re a man or a woman, dancing is for everyone and anyone can. Be a dancing queen and kill the beat!





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