No, this is not ‘abracadabra’ that will help you lose any extra pounds. What I aim for is eating with your full attention! I have tried different diets and quickly noticed the ‘secret’ why I managed to lose weight if I followed the Sonja Bakker diet or if I kept track of my points with Weight Watchers. Everything was planned for me when and what I ate (Sonja Bakker) or I ate what I wanted, but my energy was kept up to my (Weight Watchers). In both cases, it is your mind that you call on to lose weight. My tip is therefore: feeling, thinking and seeing!


Ask yourself this question: is it really hungry or is it something else that I feel? Nice with an alcoholic snack in your hand at a party for fun or a slice of white with Nutella working away because you have stress. Admit it, we have all been there! It is quite confrontational to ask yourself these questions. Once you are honest with yourself and want to feel your true feelings, you will find that you are also full or do not even need that pot of Nutella.


Okay, so we’ve come to the point where we dare to face the confrontation, but now? Think about what you are going to eat, try to plan your eating moments and possibly to weigh and keep track of (there are several free fitness apps that you can keep track of, like MyFitnessPal). I have a daughter and where I caught myself is that if something remained with her that I ate it, I thought it was a shame to throw away. Because of my previous experience with Weight Watchers, I downloaded a free app to keep track of my energy intake, which was a big disappointment. All those ‘leftovers’my daughter ticks a lot! People do not say ‘measuring is knowing’ for nothing. Try to plan your eating moments the day before. Buy a few nice bowls, prepare your food and take it to work or school. This way you prevent the hunger monster from looking around when you are bored waiting for the train, then the smell of fresh croissants is hard to resist.


Which structure do you see? What color does your food have? And just smell it just before you put it thoughtlessly in your mouth. Also take a moment to see what kind of table you are, give attention to your table companion and enjoy your eating moment. Of course it can happen once that you are in a hurry and hungry at the same time. Or that you have a long meeting or presentation ahead of you. No, then you do not really give that root your full 100% attention. But if you’ve packed those veggies the night before and you take them, then you also know that you can easily resist those white balls with 45+ cheese on the scale!

Attention with attention

Not only looking at your meal makes you aware of your eating behavior: also giving your attention to its preparation is important. What it comes down to is that you try and practice to be in the moment. This may sound blurry and in the beginning you will think ‘What is she talking about?’, But it is the only moment where you actually are. So if you’re in your kitchen, focus on your meal prepping and not on your next morning’s workout. If you sit at the table, enjoy your homemade meal without looking at your Facebook messages on your phone.

Practice makes perfect, success!

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