As enterprising women, it is not so easy to make choices and prioritize nowadays, especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. That is not surprising because we are daily flooded with information, incentives, and possibilities, so we want everything and find everything important. It makes the challenge bigger to find what can work for us sustainably in the longer term.

We constantly strive for perfection that is often not feasible in reality. What strikes us is that many are not concerned with what happens inside, but are primarily concerned with what is happening around them. Social media shows us perfection, while that does not create a realistic picture. We too wanted to do everything perfectly, but we realized; that the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of failure.



To choose consciously to be happy

We were mainly concerned with striving for a certain and unrealistic ideal image instead of creating a sustainable lifestyle. There was a lot to do with this and although it gave results in the short term, it did not bring us long-term success. It is not sustainable, unrealistic to live with restrictions. Nobody is happy about that. There is nothing wrong with striving for a leaner and tighter body, but if you are only concerned with that goal and therefore no longer consciously enjoy what life gives you more, then something is not right?

Where do you start?

Because we took good care of ourselves, we started to feel fit and stronger. That is why we are now making better choices. It starts with setting priorities. A conscious choice in what we need physically and mentally. Stop keeping all those balls high but choose what really matters! That always gives you the most, especially in the long term. And that is what we really want?

Our bodies need good nutrition to function properly and our mindset needs rest to be relaxed, happy and creative. Especially when we are busy it is all the more important to hold that basis. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation are the elements that give us energy. Sometimes this healthy basis is a priority because the body needs it, but sometimes it is our mindset that needs relaxation and that’s what a wine needs. You can stick to the weights because it produces effective results, but if yoga makes you happier then the choice is made quickly.

‘ I know that as a mother and entrepreneur I ask a lot of myself and that is why I have to take good care of myself. Opposite that hard work must be just as much rest and relaxation, otherwise it can never work. That balance is, therefore, all the more important for me. I try to choose consciously in everything that gives me energy. And that includes a wine or pizza! “

“You do not have to be perfect to be happy. Happiness is not in achieving a six pack or a slim body. For us, it is not about striving for a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, but especially about a lifestyle that supports us physically and mentally to be successful and happy. In everything we do and in everything we are! “

How can you start creating your own sustainable lifestyle?

We help you to take the first step: where it comes to awareness. That you start thinking about the things that you really find important!  “Be Your Own Guru”, the forerunner of our own online programs. This is not a quick fix! But a first step to mentally and physically in balance, to what personally works for you in the field of training, nutrition, rest and relaxation.

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