The beautiful sunny spring days are there again, and we can enjoy that extra. Unfortunately, it remains the Netherlands, and sometimes have some gray or rainy days. But that does not mean that you can not make something beautiful out of it. Search for ‘The Sunny Side’ and get on your bike!

In action

There are those days that I am not ready to burn. But if I take the rest and the time, and say it hard; will I stay on the couch and stay in this flow? Or will I do something active and get back into the positive flow? So I go, because I know what can cheer me up, then I take my running shoes or get on my bike. I prefer to take my road bike with good weather, so on the less beautiful days, I take the mountain bike to cross into the forest. Sometimes I prefer to go all alone, to get rid of all thoughts, the ‘pressure’ of work or other things that concern me. I love that! It is true that movement stimulates the happiness hormone dopamine!


Besides the fact that you can let go of your thoughts by cycling, it is also very healthy! By cycling, you will battle with all sorts of diseases. By moving more, in this case, cycling, your blood flows better and the waste can be better disposed of. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk of type 2 diabetes can also be reduced. Cycling improves resistance. It is good for your immune system to move and therefore also to cycle. That daily movement is fine in the form of cycling.

Sleep well

Are you having trouble sleeping, or are you awake a lot? Perhaps it helps if you cycle daily, and experience what it does to you. The chance that you will fall asleep better is great. If you exercise regularly, you ensure that you can sleep better and deeper. In the morning you will also be refreshed and refreshed. Move, in the open air. Is a good way to sleep better. Yes, we have that again!


By cycling, you also get stronger muscles. You burden your muscles and joints less when you go cycling than when you start running, for example. Here you get less easily an injury but you are nice to move. Your muscles become stronger, cycling can be done longer without muscle pain. It is important that you build your bike quietly, to get your body used to it.

No stress

Even if you suffer from stress, cycling is an ideal way to relax. Enjoy everything around you, do not worry and really enjoy. When you are moving, you can empty your head more easily. Our body can better regulate the hormones adrenaline and cortisol when you have cycled. Your stress level will drop and your mood will improve!☺ Moreover, you also pick up a bit of vitamin D (good for immune system and muscle function) in the open air.


Cycling is good for our brains. By moving you increase the production of the brain cells and the blood circulation to the brain also increases. It ensures that our brains can communicate better with each other, increasing your cognitive capacity. Your memory improves and you can concentrate better. After mountain biking one of my students could also name it; “Madam, cycling makes me really calm, I no longer suffer from headaches,” This student is more likely to suffer from migraines and in a busy class she sometimes cannot concentrate properly. What is it valuable, just a bit of cycling.

Just as easy as 1, 2, 3?

So .. you now know what the effect is on your health when you start cycling. The beauty is that everyone can do it in their own way, pace and favorite bike, and the Netherlands is a cycling country. One of the things that I missed most when I lived in Curaçao was cycling. When you visit Body Worlds, the anatomy museum (in the search for happiness and the effects on the body) in Amsterdam, you can make a ‘lucky ride’ on your bike. That makes you happy?


Meeting with a friend can also be fine in combination with cycling, then you can immediately search for a nice tent for your coffee, or make a nice coffee route. Grab your beautiful two-wheeler, be grateful, and start off nicely with 30 minutes of your day, or of course as a variation on all other possibilities to get to your movement.

Nothing compares to a simple pleasure of a bike ride, do not you think?

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