Years ago colleagues had the plan to join a 10 kilometer run as a team. Do I want to join? Well, no actually not, the idea itself alone; running, never, never. Still, something went wrong with me and I will even be running my second marathon next fall. So where ultimately a will is, is a way. Do you also consider starting running? Then please share these 12 tips with you so that you can start right away!

1. Good shoes

Have you just accumulated courage to run, you will suffer from your feet/legs. Such a pity. You really do not have to buy the most expensive running shoes. But ensure sufficient damping that absorbs the shocks while walking. Sneakers are really not done!

2. Take it easy

Now that you have decided that you are going to run, you will not be stopped by anything or anyone. Careful! Your body has to get used to, especially if you’ve never been running before. Let you sit down three times a week in the beginning. Twice or even once can be more than enough. The pace is not important either. Quietly (for your feeling perhaps too quiet) walking makes you happy. Not so demotivating to have to stop because you are out of breath and then think: you see, I can not. Of course, if you start quietly. There are more than enough schemes on the Internet to help you build up. Evy is also always willing to accompany you.

3. Your goal

A kilometer, marathon or something in between. Choose a goal and make sure it is real to avoid disappointments. Especially when you have had it (and that happens, believe me) it is nice to have a goal. Share it with family, friends and social media. You give up, really not! You go for it, you will certainly succeed.

4. Plan your workouts

Really, that gives you much more chance of success. Which days are you going? Do you go in the morning or rather in the evening? Speak this with yourself, put it in your phone, your agenda, say it to the neighbor and stick to it! If you plan your workouts, you give up less quickly. You just have an appointment. You do not like to say that. It gives structure and you will notice that it will, therefore, become a “way of life”.

5. Rest

What? Peace? Yes, rest. Your body needs to recover. Even better, you get better and you do not have to do anything for it. Fantastic right? Take for example your leg muscles: They have to recover from running, this happens during rest. At the same time, they become stronger. They adapt to the load and they prepare for what’s coming: running. So you quickly get more muscle fibers and strength. You will notice the difference within 2-3 weeks. Supercompensation rules!

6. Warming up / cooling-down

Perhaps superfluous, but so important. Suddenly spinning away is a no-go. Your body must the first startup. Take a walk and slowly increase your pace. After your workout, quietly relax, stretch your muscles. You this it!

7. Do not compare yourself with others

There you go, very proud that you have come from the bank and recently running through life. Maintain that feeling. Do not compare yourself with others. Certainly not with the runners passing by with speed of light. They were once also beginner once. You started, that’s what it’s about. Just be a happy runner.

8. Use an app

There are enough. Most can be downloaded for free, eg Runtastic. You see your route, your speed and your progress. Beware, it can also be motivating.

9. Take pains seriously

Very seriously. Pain is not there for nothing and it is a signal from your body that something is not okay. My experience is that if you start running, there will always be some pain. It’s a bit of a part of it. If that pain persists after a rest or comes up again and again with running, take a moment to return. Sin if you should stop by an injury!

10. Wear comfortable clothing

Nothing as annoying as uncomfortable clothing while running. Creeping shirt, sagging pants, abrasive string, not well supportive bra. Then the runner’s high is hard to find. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for running. Avoid cotton that absorbs sweat and does not let go, making it feel wet, cold and sticky. Not really comfy and you cool too much of it. And such hip pants are pretty fine in the fitting room, but when he is running he has slid off your ass three times before you are out of the street.

11. Go to the toilet

Here too I am a case of experience expert. Running stimulates your intestines and how. I still see myself as mortally ashamed with pinched buttocks asking strangers if I should please use their toilet. Do not eat two hours before walking, avoid fat and high fiber food. No onion and leek. Your intestines should be stimulated as little as possible. It is not a guarantee, but it does make the risk of inconveniences a lot smaller.

12. ENJOY !!

Never forget: Enjoy, have fun, enjoy! You are a runner !!

Good luck!

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