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Do you prefer not to go to the gym, but you also have no motivation to work out at home? We know , the motivation is often hard to find when your bed is so close. Then you would prefer to just lie down with a bag of chips and Netfix. No ladies , we can do this! We have five motivational tricks to kill your home workout. Kick some  ass. 

1. Create the ideal space

A good start for a productive home workout is a nice space for sports. Try to have as little distraction as possible around you, such as a television that is switched on or a pile of dirty laundry that actually needs to be done. Provide a neat space with enough space to carry out all your exercises. Scratching a lamp every time during a  jumping jack can be quite irritating and demotivating.

2. Plans, plans, plans

If you want to do a workout at home, thoughts like: “I do a laundry first” or “I do exercise after this one episode”, will soon pass by. Do not! Avoid such distracting thoughts and plan the workout session in your diary. If a dentist appointment is scheduled, you will not even have to watch an episode of Friends . By really planning the session, you will be less likely to do other things.

3. Digital help

There are now enough digital tools that help you to exercise: apps, YouTube videos, DVDs, y ou name it. Such a tool can often make things a lot easier, ready-to-use workouts are so nice. If everything is already ready for you, you will already be a lot more motivated to start training at home, than for example you have to put together a whole workout. The technology has long lived!

4. Fiddling with those speakers

In the gym you often hear that boring Top-40 on or your earplugs stay hooked everywhere during exercise. At home you can enjoy the craziest music of your choice. At home you do not have people who stare at you for those guilty pleasure hits and you can put it as fast as you want. Music can be very motivating and can bring your energy level to a completely different level.

5. Crazy

The biggest advantage of doing sports at home is that you can do as crazy as you want, great right? No stress about those panties that may seem to be through your leggings or those crazy pelvis that you pull during an intense workout. You are in your personal space: no worries  about what you look like and you do not have to be charming to anyone, ideal right?

Are you already making room for that workout in your living room? Put your bad music nice and hard, do ugly sweat bands and  lets go!

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