Do not let sport become a sports addiction and do not make excuses for your emotions! Unfortunately, this has happened to me, while training and coaching in sport is my field of work.

2 years ago a button was used for me. Due to various events in my life, I did not feel well enough anymore and yes I was in sports and healthy eating. At that moment, the sport became an excuse for my emotions and I felt good enough.


I saw how my body reacted to this and how proud I was! I was still good at something and I had my very own hand here. Nobody could influence that. With sports, I could take everything away from me but unfortunately, it went from bad to worse. Everything had to be compensated. So everything I ate also how healthy it was, had to be taken off again which resulted in me being dizzy on the hockey field or in the gym. At that moment you just go on anyway?

Well, you can already guess what happened. My body became thinner and thinner and my muscles also disappeared slowly. I also became less and less fit, often tired, absent and dizzy. But stop ho but in this behavior, I could flee and feel good.

Unfortunately, it did affect my social life because doing things unexpectedly did not really happen in my head. While I was always in for spontaneous actions! My environment also noticed this of course. I went from 57 kilos to 50 to 51 kg. This was a big difference for my body. Instead of nicely muscled I became a kind of bone.

When friends asked about it I denied everything, of course, said that I ate enough and that there was nothing. I did eat food but not what I used (on an empty stomach I went safely 15 to 18 km running). I had the idea if I ate a piece of chocolate or a handful of chips that I would have arrived 10 kg the next day. It is a whole battle that you carry with yourself in your head and is also difficult to explain. Last September I admitted to a number of friends that my behavior was not right and that I would go back to normal. I thought I will do that but unfortunately, it does not work that way. So I actually fell back into my pattern after 2 weeks.

To understand

At the beginning of January, I came to understand that I was only destroying myself and that I would not allow anyone in my ‘life’. I was so tired of the fight with myself and I just wanted to be able to enjoy again. I eventually went into therapy to give the events a place, get my own feeling back and of course the greatest goal to become healthy again and give my body the nutrients it needs. I also went to work with my PT trainer to get my muscles back again. I’ve already had the worst, but it all takes time. Luckily I am supported by a lot of nice people around me and because of this, I will definitely come back again!

I have never mirrored my behavior to my clients because for them I know very well what the body needs. And I also protect them from this behavior. For my behavior, I have also been a bit ashamed for a while but I now know that this was an expression of emotions with which I was in trouble. Let my story be an inspiration!

With my story, I want to give a signal that too much exercise and too little food will never be good for your body. Do not hide your feelings, emotions, and events, but go the battle to become the strongest version of yourself! Strong is size perfect!

better fit – be strong but be yourself !!

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