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Now that the weather is summer and part of the country already has a holiday, there are a lot of nice things to do. Often these things have to do with relaxing, eating and drinking. And there is really nothing wrong with that. You must also enjoy that! Only the disadvantage is that many people use this as an excuse for not having to move and/or make conscious choices regarding nutrition. Often they feel guilty the next day and sometimes even at the moment. And in order to feel good again, they agree that in September they will do ‘normal’ again. But what is ‘normal’ doing?

‘Act normal

For me, doing that normally means finding a balance that I can sustain throughout the year. And not the one-time diets, many sports, deny me things, etc. to let myself go all over again afterward. So listen to my body, exercise and consciously enjoy what I eat. That also means feeling what I need. So I always think about what I can do today to feel myself as I want to feel. And yes, one day means something different than the other day. So one day I eat too much, but that usually means that I eat less the next day. One day I am going to exercise fully and the other day I take it easy.

Be nice to yourself

Being nice to yourself means I take good care of yourself. And then both physically and mentally. So that means eating healthy and exercising, but also relaxing and celebrating a fun party. For example, I know from myself that I need it in the morning to be able to have breakfast. I also know that if I do not sport for a few days I will only feel bad and rotten. But I also know that if I constantly keep going, I will collapse quickly, so that I also need my rest. And so there are all kinds of things that I do to love for myself. Do you already know what you can do to be kind to yourself?

What can you do to feel like you want to feel?

There are, of course, many things you can do to feel as you want to feel. So the examples that I’m going to give you are absolutely not all the possibilities that are available. But you can think of things that have to do with food, sports and exercise, relaxation, mindset, sleeping, chasing after dreams, having fun, etc. So think of what you get energy from, think of what it takes to feel like you want to feel.

Examples that you can think of:

  • Make another person happy
  • Together with your partner
  • Eating vegetables every day
  • Drink enough water
  • Drinking wine on the terrace
  • Going to that party (and lying in bed much too late)
  • Sleep in
  • Adjust the intensity of exercise to how to fit you feel
  • Exercise 2-5 times a week
  • Take half an hour for yourself every day
  • Write down every day that you are grateful for

And yes, of course, this list is much longer. Only this is different for everyone, so it is impossible for me to write down all options. But how do you know what works for you? How do you know what you feel good about? That is something you learn with time. In the past, you have certainly done things that you felt good about and that you felt less good about. Go sit quietly to think what this is again. And you will definitely do something that you do not feel good about, but you know that again. That’s how you learn in doing so.

So always remember: What can I do to feel me as I want to feel?

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