Your sport, eat healthily, never really snaps, drinks much less alcohol and yet the desired result remains. You feel as if you are doing everything for nothing. It does not matter what you do or eat. Fuck it, you think, I just eat what I feel like. Recognizable?

Everyone knows that exercise is healthy. That fruit and vegetables are healthy. That snacks, frying, cakes, chocolate, wine (very unfortunate) is not very good for you. But why is it so difficult to change our behavior?


Are you aware of your habits?

The biggest explanation is in the habit. From the moment we are born we learn habits ourselves. That is very useful because this ensures that we do not have to think about everything. You have to imagine that you have to think about everything you do. Take as an example your morning ritual: switch off the alarm, stretch, get out of bed, walk to the toilet, go to the toilet, take a shower, clean your body, pack your clothes, etc.

Habits are actions that occur regularly and often happen unconsciously. Here we also immediately come to the core of my story. In my coaching, I see that my coaches are often not aware of their behavior. They think they eat healthily, exercise a lot and if the desired result fails they are very disappointed.

What they forget is that a lot of behavior happens unconsciously. They forget that: all kilocalories count, so also the kilocalories of healthy products, the smuggling days, the wine and the food / drink that unconsciously goes into the mouth: a lick of peanut butter, a slice of chicken breast, cappuccino’s, the biscuit with the cappuccino, the piece of bread, pancake or whatever your child, the olive oil in the pan, the dressing, etc. Everything counts!

At the beginning of every coaching process, I always ask my coaches to send photos. Here I sometimes see breakfast, with lots of products: different fruits, nuts, seeds, hone etc. Together, some eat breakfast with as many kilocalories as a Big Mac (I’m only talking about the kcal here. and not about the nutrients of course ;-).)

That ‘small’ for one is ‘big’ for the other. When I see the portion size and the distribution of products at the beginning, it differs from my portions and distribution of products. For example, my dinner plate is half filled with vegetables. This allows me to eat as a construction worker and still stay on weight.

You do not have to have a master of science to know that losing weight or a healthy weight in the base only has to do with creating an imbalance in your calories intake and consumption. Use more, than you get. So do you want to lose weight, reach your dream weight? Be honest with yourself, write down everything you eat, keep it in an (online) food diary (apps like MyFitnessPal are top) and take the time to become aware of your habits and change them.

Good luck!

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