Although we are aware of the fact that our health is our greatest good, we are not all equally careful with it. Partly perhaps because making the right choices can be difficult, partly due to ignorance, but I also think that our health is gradually declining and we are not at all aware of the current situation. Are you aware of all the benefits or of the dangers?

Step by step backwards

Many people I accompany come with the same kind of stories. For example, they saw themselves on a photo, were shocked and actually did not recognize themselves. That is then a moment of awareness through which they take action. Of course you have not arrived so much within a couple of days, but that is often the case. The weight increases step by step, the condition decreases. Small expenses are experienced, but because this goes gradually, we do not realize this at all. Only when people know this to turn around do they clearly see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Much insight thanks to research

Of course, the stories of your neighbor who says that they feel so much fitter are motivating for you, but when you read hard figures, this can give you a good and clear picture of the benefits. Healthy living means that everything is in balance. You eat healthy most of the time, you provide sufficient exercise, do not experience too much chronic stress, get enough sleep and you are satisfied with the life you lead.

Some examples of what a healthy lifestyle can mean for your health:

  • Many studies have found strong indications that eating enough vegetables and fruit reduces the risk of a number of cancers. In addition, there is evidence for a protective effect of vegetables (and to a lesser extent fruit) on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other diseases.
  • When people become physically active, we can prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, type II diabetes.
  • Sufficient physical exercise can ensure that people with high blood pressure or depressive symptoms need less, or sometimes no medication at all.
  • Long-lasting stress can lead to high blood pressure, inflammatory reactions and high cholesterol. This damages the vascular wall and accelerates the development of arterial calcification. Sufficient relaxation and addressing chronic stress is therefore essential for good health.

How do you improve your health?

You do not improve your health in three weeks, this usually takes a longer time. Of course you can start today better than tomorrow. But how do you start? Our advice is to take small steps. Set up your own monthly targets in which you make small adjustments, such as eating more vegetables and fruit, three times out of five by bike to work instead of by car, looking for a hobby that gives you mental peace, etc. By this making adjustments and linking them to existing actions (such as going to work) increases the chances of success.

Also at Healthier Netherlands we regularly get people who experience a health problem. Like Mieke: she was advised by her GP to lose weight and to create a different eating and exercise pattern, because her blood sugar level did not look good. After only twelve weeks, her health had improved so much that the GP indicated that the danger of type II diabetes was no longer lurking.

Do you also want to work on your health, but do not know where to start? Let us then guide you to a healthier and happier life.

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