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I survived my first marathon on the Ultra Boost from Adidas and since then I have been the biggest fan of this running shoe. I was therefore crazy when I heard that I could test the new running shoe from Adidas: the Solar Boost. Fortunately, I did not only do this with a group of ‘lucky bastards’ at Het Gymlokaal in Amsterdam.

The Gym

How can you better test a running shoe than actually do a run? We ” chosen ” were expected at Het Gymlokaal, a part of the School. This complex consists of two authentic gyms that are somewhat hidden in a quiet area near the Rembrandtpark. The Gym is not a standard gym. Not a claustrophobic sweaty hull, but a light, open space where ” played ” can be played again. Here we return to the base.

The beauty at Het Gymlokaal is the focus on moving together so that you can motivate each other in a personal and playful atmosphere. There are also mainly functional training courses. Do you remember that you could go up as a child without problems? Would you still be able to do that now? Right … Training sessions that are given include (kick) boxing, yoga, capoeira, barre and cross training. Because of the ideal, quiet location and the beautiful vision of moving together, the Gym room is of course the ideal location for the Adidas Solar Boost event.

Running with Jip Vastenburg

In a large gymnasium we were allowed to take a seat on benches where we, as small children, were already sitting with gym class. Before us stood Jip Vastenburg. Runners might know her because she is the Dutch speed demon, with a time of 32 minutes on the 10 kilometer running. She is also Dutch champion in the half marathon. I can only dream of her times … I thought it was super cool to start running with her.

After a short meet & greet with Jip in Het Gymlokaal, it finally happened and we were allowed to try the Solar Boost ourselves. Under the direction of Jip we started a 6 kilometer run with setting sun. Already at the first step I noticed how striking light the Solar Boost shoes are and that they have a fantastic cushioning. Also, the laces do not cut into your instep making it a very comfortable shoe.

The most beautiful part of Amsterdam

We walked with a group towards a lawn to do some exercises with Jip, especially focused on the gluteal muscle. Jip explained that all the power of running from the buttocks muscles so it is important to train them well. After a good warm up, we continue our run towards the Vondelpark. When we all walked through the park, I experienced such a feeling of happiness! The weather was brilliant, all the trees and flowers were in bloom and we walked through one of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam with a setting sun. A moment to never forget.

After the Vondelpark we walked on, back to the Rembrandtpark towards the two dogs that are on the viaduct. There we were surprised with a true photo opportunity with life-sized letters that formed the word ” Solar Boost ”. So with the setting sun, spectacular pictures could be shot.

Back at Het Gymlokaal we were surprised with tasty healthy snacks and even a protein shake was served, which was soon replaced by the best gin and tonic of Amsterdam. Because of the quiet location you imagine yourself somewhere else and by the friendly trainers of the Gym, I had forgotten all the time. I stayed hanging for far too long, but do not worry about anything like that.

the Solar Boost has pleased me so much that I did two long distance runs in the weekend. Just because these running shoes are a party for your feet. The shoe is inspired by NASA technology, making the shoe even lighter than its predecessor (only 295 grams!). Also, through the ” Boost ” technology that is distributed over the length of the sole, you have good cushioning and you can easily create and maintain speed. So the perfect running shoe. Do you want to try them? They are yours for € 159.95.


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