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Get rid of those wiggling arms! The beautiful weather is coming and your bare arms will be visible again. We all want beautiful tight arms. But we have to do something for that. With the following exercises, you can shine with nicely shaped arms. Afraid of training with weights makes you too big and too muscular? Uncalled for! Go for weights of a few pounds and you will see that you will look better. Unfortunately, getting beautiful arms does not only depend on doing the right exercises. A nice definition is created by well-trained muscles, but also by a lower fat percentage. With only doing exercises you are not there yet. Work on shapely arms with the following 6 exercises.

# 1 Combination of the Peck deck & Shoulder Presses

With this exercise you combine the training of your chest and shoulder muscles. You can do the exercise sitting on a bench, but better still it is to do the exercise standing, you train your core immediately. Handy with me, right? Bend your arms at an angle of 90 degrees, bring your elbows up and towards each other and then push the weights up. A super combination!

# 2 Reverse Flys

A special exercise for your upper back and also a bit for the back of your shoulders. Lean forward, let the weights hang and then raise your arms. When your arms and back are in line with each other, you slowly lower the weights again. Get rid of those lobes on your upper back.

# 3 Front & Side Raises

This exercise is for the front and sides of your shoulders. You stretch your arms and lift them up to shoulder height. The first time you lift your arms in front of you, you slowly lower your arms again. Next time, your arms will move aside and back again. You do not have to train heavily but make sure you repeat the exercise just as often until you feel the acidification.

# 4 Biceps curls

This is the exercise for your upper arms. Afraid of big muscles? Uncalled for. Training with weights does not really make you look like the hulk right away. However, this exercise ensures that your arms get a nice shape. This exercise for you isolating out. You stop your upper arms and raise the weights towards your shoulders. Do you find it difficult? Then hold your elbows against your body.

# 5 Triceps kickbacks

Get rid of the wiggling upper arms! Exercises for your triceps are ideal to get rid of your wiggling amen. Your triceps is the muscle at the back of your upper arm. Just like the bicep curls, the triceps kickbacks are also an isolation exercise. The movement comes only from your forearms and you focus on the muscle you are training. With this exercise make your arms tight and firm again.

# 6 Rows

With the rows, you train your big back muscles. So this exercise is a bit less for your arms, but your arms do cooperate and are indispensable in a good workout. Lean forward, lower your arm, and then pull your elbow up to your side.

Performing these 6 exercises takes little time and you do not even have to go to the gym. Buy a set of weights and go for it!

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