In my running career, I made a lot of mistakes, partly because I was too lazy to read how to do it. I ran a marathon with an inflamed tendon (drugged with paracetamol) and I have ever gone against the surface during a 30-kilometer run. I have learned from these mistakes and in order to protect you from these stupidities, I have devoted a blog to it. Of course also with some advice on how to avoid these mistakes.

1. You walk on wrong footwear

Point 1 is unfortunately not good for the wallet but o what do you benefit from good footwear! Often you are inclined to choose the most beautiful shoe so that you can look fashionable (hard), but that she may not be your perfect fit. It is better to have a video made of the way you walk. You do not have to ask your lover about this, but you can have this done at the specialist running shop. Sometimes you get a bake best of a running shoe but remember: a running session is not a fashion show. Rather you walk well on a slightly uglier shoe, then ugly walking on a beautiful shoe, right?

Anne … do not underestimate the power of underwear. An abrasive thong after 10 km is really a ” pain in the ass ”.

2. You forget to do strength training

Are injured due to lack of gluteal muscle? No, this does not happen to you after reading this blog. If you are training for a running event, then continue to do strength training. This prevents embarrassing conversations at the physio (and more importantly, injuries). Train especially your buttocks and leg muscles and do not forget the core. Once a week is enough. Anne, strength training prevents injuries, but it also ensures better running performance (and a buttock that Kimmie K is jealous of).

3. You start too fast

This is my best advice ever: do not start your running training or race too fast. If you start running like crazy in the beginning, get out of breath or worse: acid your muscles. Then that training or competition becomes a hell. It is better to slowly start up and accelerate if you notice that you still have energy left. With handy training apps like Runkeeper, you can keep track of what your ” pace ” is. Try to find a speed that you can constantly sustain. This makes running a lot more pleasant. Do you participate in a running event? Do not get panicked by those over-enthusiastic suckers who push you to the side. Let them especially catch you because at the end you get them anyway if they are already panting, sour and crying trying to reach the finish. Do not forget to wave them to them. #bye.

4. You have no variation in your training

Are you sure that your running performance does not improve? That may be because you do not bring variety in your running training. Many people make the mistake of continuing to train at the same slow pace each time. Therefore, alternate with an interval or a time polo. To get faster, I do ” competitions ” with other runners (without knowing it). I run a bit faster through another runner and if he catches up with me again, I know that the person wants a race. Then I take a step and if it’s good, that other runner too. This has caused many competitions with people who did not even know that they participated in my self-made running race (HAHA).

5. You do not adjust your diet

If you are exercising (both with running and other sports), it is important to restore your muscles. It would be as nice as possible with a bag of chips and a glass of wine. Unfortunately, the protein content must be slightly higher … Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles and therefore help with recovery. A bowl of cottage cheese, a piece of chicken breast or a protein shake is full of protein and are therefore a better treat for your body than that bag of chips. But above all, keep eating a chippie and drinking a glass of wine. Those calories are running away again and running should not be a penalty camp!


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