Do you lose your motivation a bit or do you just need fun during exercise? There is enough reason why a gym buddy is  awesome . It is nice to work together with someone who has the same goals as you, and where you can share stories with. Learn from each other and be freaking girlbosses!  We have put together the biggest advantages of sports together with a gym chick .

1. It is more fun together

Sometimes it is wonderful to only sport with music, but how fun is it to pop your work-out together? Instead of getting a bright red head you can laugh together at all awkward moments . For the rest you can chat a bit between the workouts. It should of course not be so cozy that you talk more than sport.😉

2. Always motivation

This is perhaps the best thing about a gym buddy: the motivation. Sometimes the motivation in yourself is hard to find and you really do not want to exercise. If you are sitting at home on the couch and you still have to work out, chances are you will not get off the bench anymore. If your friend appt that she will come to pick you up in half an hour, you can quickly wear your fitness outfit. You know, do not you, motivation is the key . Once you have entered the gym, you will be pushed by your gym buddy and you will go on longer than normal or maybe you take a few pounds heavier. Before you know it you feel the strongest person in the gym!

3. Try new things together

Did the bench press always look too dangerous or too heavy? This is the ultimate solution. Together you are stronger than alone. Slightly sweet, but in many cases it is true. In the case of bench presses, the person who does not carry out the exercises can find out to catch the rod if it becomes too heavy. You also try to try new things faster if you play sports together than if you are alone, because you can figure out how it works. Does not it work? Then you immediately train the abdominal muscles of laughter.

4. Challenge each other

You do not have to throw each other out of the ring, of course, but it’s good to challenge each other. Let’s face it: we all have a bit of competition  feelings . If your girlfriend squats just a few more pounds, you want to be able to do that too. This has only advantages, because that is how you chase each other in a positive way. Together you will be nice and fanatic and the results will come soon. Give each other occasionally a compliment about the progression that you see. This works extra motivating.

5. Time to finish

Look for sporting events in your area or an event that you have always wanted to do. Register together and accept the challenge . You have a big goal in mind and together you can work towards it. For example, do a triathlon and go cycling, swimming and running together. You are never alone and you always have someone on your side.

What are you waiting for? Find your gym buddy!

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