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Does it fall from the sky with baking and does your sports session literally fall into the water? Or is it a perfect excuse not to exercise when it rains? No way! In the fall a rain shower is inevitable, so you better make the best of it. With these seven reasons you can still kill your workout  when it rains.

1. Start immediately

As soon as you close the door behind you, exercise can begin. It is a big step that you do  not let yourself be held back by mother nature and your perseverance is already worth a standing ovation. Start your jogging route immediately or take the bike to the sports ground despite the rain. You are now already wet rained so you better get the best out of yourself. Go for it!

2. Personal space

Your running route or workout place will be a lot quieter than when the sky is blue, so fewer people will walk in front of your feet. So you can enjoy your me-time  during your workout. How bad is it to get wet when you immediately step under the hot shower?

3. Energy boost

Do not want to change your bed for a rain shower in the morning? Or do you feel too tired after a long working day to endure the rain during a workout? Then you are wrong, that refreshing rain shower will give you an energy  boost . Staying in bed or hanging up on the couch with Netflix will provide a boxer and you can always do it, but not today. The endorphin released during exercise is not washed away by the rain.

4. Healthy

“When it rains there is more oxygen in the air”, you’ve probably heard someone say this. Whether this is true or not, outdoor sports is nice and healthy and more oxygen flows to your lungs than if you stay on the couch. Daylight also ensures a better adjustment of the biological clock, so that the hormone regulation and the sleeping and eating patterns are better regulated.In addition, the outside air is a lot cleaner than the gym, which is a greenhouse of bacteria.

5. Remember your goal

Of course, the first few meters are just outside. Eventually you will begin to appreciate the natural, cooling shower, your heart rate will rise and your body temperature rises. Keep your goal in mind and do not forget what you are doing.

6. Keep going!

Make sure you keep moving, because standing still in the rain will ensure that you cool down in no time . This is extra motivation to completely run out of that last lap and to schedule shorter or fewer moments of rest.

7. Finish

The feeling after exercise is always wonderful, but after your workout in the rain you will feel even better. You are invincible and you do not let yourself be stopped by wind or weather. The hot shower afterwards is a nice treat for your performance and you have energy for ten for the whole day!

Do not let yourself be stopped by the rain and go for it! You go girl!

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