Sap-yoga guide for beginners

You probably already saw a video about how people do yoga on the water. Someone turns out everything, someone just starts and falls into the water. Nevertheless, these classes look much more interesting than the same yoga in the hall. And this is indeed true, as evidenced by the active growing popularity of this sport, including in Russia. Unfortunately, weather conditions do not allow us to practice sap yoga all year long on the street, but some fans quite manage the pools.

In general, if you are interested in this topic and you plan to master the basics of sap-yoga in the coming season, here are some recommendations for you to make the first practice good and not push you away from love for paddleboarding in general.

Choose the right sap yoga board

This is the main advice that can be used for any kind of paddle boarding. Choose the right board, on which you will be comfortable to perform Asanas, keep balance and do not fall into the water all the time. It is not necessary to buy a special board for yoga on the water, universal options are quite suitable: the length is from 10.6 feet, and the width is not less than 30 inches. In addition, it is very important that there is a non-slip mat on the board, otherwise you simply will not have anything to catch, performing Asanas, most saps are now sold already with such a surface, but if you got the author’s board, take care of this accessory.

Start Small

Before you start yoga classes, make sure that you have a good command of the board and can keep the balance in a mobile state. For beginners this will not be so easy, but you can learn quickly. The key to balancing is the uniform distribution of weight over the entire surface of the board.

Take lessons

If you are not new to the hall, but sap-yoga for you, after all, something unusual, then take a few lessons with an instructor who will help you master basic knowledge. In addition, group training can be attended on a regular basis. Together, it will be much more interesting to study on water, grow faster and notice mistakes more easily.

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