Running: these 6 thoughts are common to everyone


The one time you think you can run the whole globe over and the other time you run just a bit faster than a snail. True, we are talking about this. Running has many advantages . For example, it is incredibly good for our bodies and our minds. By running with pleasure and relaxation, we feel incredibly fit and vital. Sounds great right? 

To get you out of this dream world, unfortunately it is not always as easy as we describe. There are many factors that can take away our motivation and discipline in one sigh. If you look outside now, you think: let me run around for a while. We honestly do not. Do you recognize that feeling that you want to stop after three minutes of running? Then you will probably recognize yourself in the following six thoughts.

1. When I get back home, I will eat chocolate

Sometimes this is our goal during running, but actually it should not work that way. You have to do sports because you like it, and not as an excuse to eat something unhealthy. Life is about balance, that is certainly true, but think for yourself what you are doing and why you are really going to defy that rain. Are you comfortable after a round of running? Then go for it and that chocolate bar can still be used.

2. Did I lock the door? Is the refrigerator closed? Is the heating off?

These are all thoughts that start to haunt in your mind if your head is not completely there. You are focused, but not on running. Let go of the rest of the world and run everything out. Focus on what you are doing, only that way you can get the best out of yourself.

3. What do I do to myself?

This thought comes into play as soon as you have taken your first step outside. Keep on going! Do not forget what you are doing. Running is becoming increasingly heavy and the round will also continue to take longer if you leave the door with less motivation. So it is your own choice with which mood you take on this adventure.

4. WA-TER!

Do you know that feeling that you seem to be running in the sahara? The sweat runs everywhere, from your forehead to your buttock and your throat is so dry that you prefer to drink all the water from the ponds. We advise you not to do that, you better take a break and take a bottle of water next time. Water is good for you, because your body consists of more than half of water. You can never drink enough water.

5. Hell yeah , wonderful this wind

That great moment where you are completely covered in sweat and suddenly a wonderful breeze is created. The wind kisses your red cheeks and makes for a cool cooling, that’s what we love. This allows you to touch the whole world again!

6. The faster I run, the faster I get to the shower

And that’s right. The sooner you run, the sooner you are back home and the sooner you can stand under that wonderful shower again. Whether you prefer a cold or a hot shower, you can relax and relax your muscles.

And then the last moment, that moment when you press the stop button on your watch or stopwatch, from that moment on you can be proud of yourself that you’ve just swallowed it.

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