Determining the right goal for yourself is a lot harder than you thought, or not? I have already received the first e-mails with ‘HELP’. I receive them from people who find it rather difficult to set the right goal, let alone to achieve it. Your objective must be realistic, so that you remain motivated. Motivation is the key word! I give your tips how to hold this.

Do you also lack motivation?

Motivation is something we all need. Motivation to get your study, to take the bike instead of the car or not to dive into the chip scale with your hand. Your day consists of a lot of choices. Do you often make the right choice? Do you have the motivation to make choices that bring you closer to your goal? And what actually causes you to be motivated?

Most frequently heard objective: to lose weight

Just making the feedback to health and the most discussed topic: losing weight. Do you already have any idea how you will achieve your goals? Do you have enough motivation every day to get a step closer to your goal? (NOTE: it goes in small steps, do not do crazy things to get to your goal very quickly, your health is your greatest asset!)

Find and keep motivation

It works differently for everyone, but we all need motivation. The one to put on his running shoes and run through the rain. The other to prepare the food for the coming busy days on her free Sunday afternoon.

Below are 6 tips that help me to develop my healthy body:

  1. ‘It is a lifestyle’. Make it a habit. Plan your workouts. Believe me, if you keep structure in your training moments, the MUCH becomes easier.
  2. STOP coming up with excuses. We can do it all (yes, me too): to come up with reasons why it really does not work today. We only have 24 hours a day and 200 things that we have to do in those 24 hours. Give your body and your head the relaxation by moving, no matter how busy you are.
  3. Plan your meals. Go shopping with a well thought-out list. Think not only of today, but also of the upcoming, probably busy days.
  4. Spend one long evening in the kitchen and you’ll benefit from it all week. Make sure you prepare good and healthy meals for the days when you have less time to cook.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are heading in the same direction as you. Find a group of people (our community) who understand exactly where you are at the moment.
  6. Take away the temptation. Wine is absolutely my biggest weakness. If I have wine in the cupboard, it sometimes seems like that bottle calls me. What do I do against this? Simple! I only buy it at times when I am allowed to do it myself (in the weekends).

Give yourself and your body time

If you are busy with your figure in a healthy way, you have noticed that reaching your goals sometimes goes terribly slow.

I am now very direct. If you are struggling with 20 pounds of overweight, do not expect to lose it within one month. After all, those twenty kilos were not included in one month? Your body can adapt quickly, so you have to do more and more to achieve results. Unfortunately peanut butter, but important to know.

People who suddenly start exercising fanatically and eat healthy food, the kilos fly away. After a while, this often lingers and the weight loss does not go that fast anymore. You can not do anything other than accept this.

Are you looking for a better balance and do you prefer to become yourself? We want to help you with that. Healthier Netherlands is happy to help you achieve your ideal weight through tailor-made nutrition schedules .

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