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You are on the couch and do not feel like going to the gym at all. We’ve all been there, but we do not give up! We have the ultimate tips for you to drag yourself to the gym and do a killer workout.

It happens to all of us sometimes, that you just really have no sense or puff to go to the gym. Usually you just have to go and do not think about it too long. You do sports and healthy living to make yourself feel better in your body and mind. You are also the one who has to go to the gym. You can not let your sister or friend do it for you. So come with those buttocks off the couch and go to the gym with these five motivational tips!

1. Preparation is half the work

Of course you can not determine your thoughts for the whole day, but preparations can have a lot of influence. Put your sports clothes ready in the morning in a place that is clearly visible. Make sure that you literally can not avoid the items. This makes you see it faster as a task that you ‘must’ do today. Are you going to exercise in the evening after a long day? Then immediately put on your sports equipment when you come home, so you do not have time to doubt. If you have already missed several training sessions and are losing motivation, it is also motivating to score a new sports outfit . Of course you can not wait to shine in the gym.

2. Avoid an inking moment

It is wonderful to lie on the couch with a warm blanket over you and a cup of tea in your hand. It is much more difficult to get yourself off the couch and go to the gym. So make sure you can not get an inked moment. When you are busy, your energy level remains high. If you touch the bank or Netflix with one hand, your body knows that it’s time to chill. That will not happen! So try to go to the gym when you have nothing left to do. Secretly it might help to remember that afterwards you can chill out on the couch with a warm blanket and a good series or film.

3. Think in advance what you are going to do

Perhaps you have received a sports schedule from your gym, but if you do not have one, it is useful to make one for the day (s) you are going to exercise. Determine in advance which muscle group you will train and which exercises you will do. This way you come prepared for the gym and you know exactly what to expect. You can also decide for yourself how long you will exercise. So you are not to linger and to doubt in the gym,  you are not lost all night and then you have time to do other fun things.

4. Why did you start Exercise?

Everyone has started exercising for a reason. Yoga to relax more. Kickboxing to throw your energy out. Fitness to gain more muscle mass. It does not matter what kind of reason or which sport. It is important that you remember why you started. Look back to the beginning and realize how far you have already come, or what you want to see change. When you think about these things for a moment, you get more motivation to exercise.

5. Create a playlist

We ourselves get a lot of energy from music. Look for a good up tempo / good feeling  playlist for sports and download it on your phone. Listen to this playlist at home on a box or with earplugs if there are more people at home. This gives you a good mood and can only get better when you are exercising. Take earphones or headphones with you while exercising and you can go fast on the best music. Because of the music you are also less easily distracted and you can focus entirely on the workout.

From now on no flabby excuses anymore and pop with that workout!

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