In my last blog I told about my intention to go sport fasting. A reset of your body, getting energy again, a few pounds to lose weight. Such a sport fastening would be excellent for that. Furthermore, it would also improve your sports performance. Ten days of sports and a fixed hour. Now you should not think of very strenuous exercises or sports classes in that sport, but every day, for example, train half an hour on the bike, rowing machine or cross trainer.


The diet is more exciting. The first two days are not too bad, you can have breakfast with fruit, a salad for lunch and also a kind of dinner. Then you will fast three or actually four days. During the fasting days you have a drink called ‘ The Metabolic Switch’ . There you can drink 3 times 150 milliliters per day. You can also enjoy unlimited tea, coffee and water. After the fasting days you will rebuild with fruit, yoghurt, salads and cooked or stir-fried vegetables. You also take vitamins every day.


The completion days really struck me. Although I still had enough food and really was not hungry, I had quite a headache and I was very nauseous. Only during the fasting days did I start to feel better. I really felt that I felt that I was in the switch . I was better off exercising and I slept well, and I also got plenty of energy. However, I found the cure a very long time. After fasting I was actually fed up. I was very disappointed that you could barely eat with the building days. The strange thing is that I was not hungry, but I became incredibly bland of just lettuce and cooked vegetables. I really needed something solid. I am also someone who really likes good food.


It surprised me how much energy I had, even during the fasting days. I really enjoyed doing sports and I also lost weight. You also see the result well. I get compliments from everyone.

I sleep much better, that of course also makes you look good. Fortunately, I still have that energy, and I am so glad that I sleep well. This makes a world of difference for me. Perhaps that, plus my renewed energy, is more important than my weight loss.


What I also find very special is that I still have little need for sweets, or suffer from ‘cutting moments’. I also no longer suffer from a midday dip. This is really nice. I feel comfortable working until eight o’clock in the evening, without being aware that I have not had dinner yet. It is a fantastic combination of renewed energy and no hunger. I really hope that this may take years.

To hold

I am a bit skeptical about the future. I hope I can keep this feeling because I feel much better. According to my coach, I can hold on to this by following a ‘Keep day’ once a week, or once every two weeks. This means that you take two light meals, salad and wok vegetables or fruit and salad, plus the metabolic switch drink. On this day you will be sporting for half an hour and then you will really do everything. You do this to stimulate your body to go back to fat burning. I intend to carry this out.


In the tips that I receive from in my email, I have to do such a keep day two or three times a week. I think that’s too much of a good thing. I can not eat half of the week normally. I’ve read it a few times, but it’s really there. I wonder if that is not going too far for a normal, healthy lifestyle. I am not a top athlete, but a normal person who wants to go fit through life.


The result is fantastic and I hope to continue to enjoy it for a long time. I did find  it pretty heavy. I will not do this again soon. I hope that by exercising regularly (2 to 3 times a week), eating healthy and exercising enough exercise, I can continue to feel as fit as I do now.

In extreme need, when you feel lethargic and lifeless, are not really happy  with yourself, and if you’ve tried everything for it, sportfasting is a good way to make you feel better. Thanks to the vitamin supplements you get all the nutrients that you need.

Ten days is pretty long and I did not find it easy, but you know that there is an end to it. With the knowledge that I now have that the result can be real, it is definitely worth it!

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