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Ok the summer is approaching and many “desperate” people look for miraculous remedies to lose weight fast . The first “bad” news we have to give you is that there is a physiology of weight loss, which can not be bypassed. It is useless for you to look for miraculous last-minute remedies. Physiologically we can not lose fat too fast , we can lose weight, dehydrate, consume glycogen and muscles, but slimming (fat loss) has its organic time.

Now let’s see what they are!

1kg of fat equals 7000kcal , some will ask why not 9000kcal, since a 1g of fat is 9kcal. The answer is that in the adipocyte (the fat cell), together with the lipids we also find water, when the adipocyte deflates, it loses fat and water. The more people are overweight and obese, the more they will have water bound to fat and this is good news.

In addition to weight loss (we reiterate fat loss), weight loss will also be linked to glycogen levels. When we eat a few carbohydrates, we lose 2-4kg in a week. Here we are “freeing” intracellular and interstitial water. We can also lose muscle and this we measure when the circumferences of the forearms and calves fall, a strong muscle catabolism can lose 400-800g of protein in a few days (a disaster).

After this short and quick overview we can say that if we want to lose weight quickly we can lose , after the first week where it usually falls faster:

  • 1-1.5% of our weight per week (maximum maximum in the first weeks 2%). If we weigh 100kg they are 1-2kg per week, if we are 65kg they are 650g-1.3kg instead.

This means a loss in a month of 4-6kg in men, 2-4kg in women, when we lose weight fast. Then the more we are fat and the more we will lose kg easily, the more we become lean and the more the loss will be modest. In the last stages of the diet expect to lose 250-500g maximum per week.

When you can not lose weight fast

To eat a little to lose weight quickly, may not be a wise and healthy choice, so talk to a doctor or nutritionist recognized Italian law (the only ones qualified to prescribe diets and nutritional advice). Normally there are no conditions to lose weight fast if at least the person is not in good health and is not taking:

  • for men their body weight x 28. A man of 80kg will have to eat at least 2240kcal
  • for women their body weight x 26. A woman of 60kg will have to eat at least 1560kcal.

If you do not take these calories, go on a diet, to lose weight quickly, it will only hurt you, you will break down the lean body mass and lower your body temperature, finding yourself eating nothing without losing weight. There are many girls who train, take 800kcal a day and do not fall by one ounce, finding themselves full of water for cortisol to the stars.

How to lose weight fast for those who do not count calories

Most people rightly do not take calories into account . A fair and balanced diet should not need a calorie count. However, the more we want to do things well, the more we have to be precise. If you want to lose weight quickly without counting the calories the strategies are :

  • be sure to start the diet only if you already eat enough (see the paragraph above);
  • make sure you eat enough protein, protect your lean mass and make your hunger suffer less;
  • make sure you eat at least 30g of dietary fiber a day, they will help you both with health and with a sense of satiety (careful only in the case of irritable colon );
  • make sure you drink a lot, water helps you not feel hungry. Do not eliminate sodium, on average 1g every liter of water you drink;
  • make sure you eat lots of vegetables, in both raw and cooked meals;
  • use the seasonings to a minimum, if you pour the oil put it on the spoon and not directly on the plate;
  • prefer refined cereals to whole grains and to these legumes and legumes fruit
  • prefer red meat to white meat, and fish to white meat (not fat);
  • make a number of meals that makes you suffer less hunger, from two to six;
  • distract yourself, find new hobbies, do not stay passive in front of the TV, do something will help you not to think about food;
  • move, train 2-4 times a week intensely, but during the day walk, take the stairs, stay active as much as possible;
  • do not fill your home with food that can tempt you;
  • reward yourself when you can, buying a CD that you like, going to the movies, or even giving yourself a small portion of cake every now and then.

These are common sense tips that can regulate a healthy diet that naturally leads to losing weight (but above all fat). The secret of Pulcinella is that, to lose weight, you have to eat less caloric foods and to move more ( the secret is that there are no secrets ).

Lose weight quickly: 4 effective strategies

how to lose weight fast

Now that we have done all these premises and we have seen some general advice, here are 4 tested and tested protocols. They require precise caloric control, so they only adapt to motivated people. Look in this article which are the best calorie counting apps .

1) Body recomposition

It is the classic protocol of fast weight loss (or better body recomposition ). It splits the week into two, the first part will have a strong caloric deficit (-50% of the TDEE). TDEE is our  daily caloric needs , ie how many calories we need to eat to maintain weight). The rest of the week will initially have a recharge lasting 36-48h, while the rest of the week will have days of caloric stabilization. To understand and take an example:

  • Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday: -50% of the TDEE (if my requirement is 2500kcal I take 1250kcal).
  • First part of Thursday: fasting or semi-fasting
  • Second part of Thursday and Friday: top-up + 100% of TDEE in 36h (if my needs are 2500kcal I will take in 36h 5000kcal divided into many meals).
  • Saturday and Sunday: stabilization days like the TDEE
Example Luca TDEE 2500kcal(17500kcal weekly) Kcal assumed
Monday -50% of TDEE 1250kcal Ketogenic diet – hyperprotein
Tuesday -50% of TDEE 1250kcal Ketogenic-high-protein diet
Wednesday -50% of TDEE 1250kcal Ketogenic-high-protein diet
Thursday first part Semi-fasting 250kcal Only proteins
Thursday second part+ Friday + 100% of TDEE 5000kcal Recharge glucose and low fat
Saturday TDEE 2500kcal Zone-like diet
Sunday TDEE 2500kcal Zone-like diet
Total c alorie assumed = 1400kcal,  or -3500kcal
This is a first protocol of body recomposition created by Lyle McDonald, there are many others.

This approach is very flexible, the key points are to create a weekly calorie deficit around -3500kcal, alternate during the week with low-carb hypoalimentation phases, with carbohydrate refills.
You can feel free to make the calorie cut until full Thursday, or just three days. You can recharge instead of a day and a half of two but lighter. In short, the protocol is always very customizable, the important is the weekly deficit.

What we have to bring home is that we lose weight quickly because there is an important calorie deficit, not to chronically suffer from hunger, you are on a strict diet only for half a week, then it is reloaded and finally stabilizes. Men on average bear a weekly deficit of 3500kcal, women of 2500kcal.

2) Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a very convenient protocol, at least for some, to suffer less hunger. There are two types of intermittent fasting:

  • those that are based on 24h
  • those that are based on the week

In the first we have time windows where we can eat our calories, the windows on average range from 4 to 8h. In this time frame we could eat 80% of our TDEE:

Example Luca TDEE 2500kca(17500kcal weekly) Kcal assumed
Monday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Tuesday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Wednesday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Thursday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Friday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Saturday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Sunday -20% of TDEE 2000kcal
Total  calories assumed = 1400kcal  or -3500kcal

So this classic approach with -20% of the TDEE, to the particularity that we can eat , for example, only from 16.00 to 23.00 (17h fasting).

Another approach, to lose weight fast is to create days of fasting or semi-fast so you can eat normally the other days.

Example Luca TDEE 2500kca(17500kcal weekly) Kcal assumed
Monday -60% of TDEE 1000kcal
Tuesday TDEE 2500kcal
Wednesday -60% of TDEE 1000kcal
Thursday TDEE 2500kcal
Friday -60% of TDEE 1000kcal
Saturday TDEE 2500kcal
Sunday TDEE 2500kcal
Total  calories assumed = 1400kcal  or -3500kcal


In this case we have created 3 days of semi-fasting. We could have made one of complete fasting and another of semi-fasting, make 4 plus one refill, only one, etc. In short, once the principles have been understood (weekly deficit), the variants are moved as desired.

3) Weekly refills

With this approach to weight loss you cut calories every day, the first week do not make refills, the second week you put one, the third two, the fourth three and the fifth four.

Example Luca Kcal assumedon normal days Refills eKcal in charging Weekly total
1 week 1750kcal 0 12250kcalDeficit = 5250kcal
2 Week 1750kcal 1 – 3000kcal 13500kcalDeficit = 4000kcal
3 Week 1750kcal 2 – 3000kcal 14750kcalDeficit = 2750kcal
4 weeks 1750kcal 3 – 3000kcal 1600kcalDeficit = 1500kcal
5 Week 1750kcal 4 -3000kcal 17250kcalDeficit = 250kcal


Now the example shown is perhaps too drastic and ends in a very bland way, you can definitely optimize, but it was to show the concept in which the reloads from week to week increase to lower the caloric deficit. As you increase, you may want to decrease the reload kcal. The important thing is that every week has more calories than the previous one.

4) Quick descent and then slow ascent

In the wake of the previous protocol we can start playing with macronutrients (even on macros must be modulated).

Example Luca Kcal assumed weekly kcal and deficit Protein Carbohydrates Grassi
1 week 1700kcal 11900kcal, -5350kcal 200g 100g 55g
2 Week 1900kcal 13300kcal, -3950kcal 200g 150g 55g
3 Week 2100kcal 14700kcal, -2550kcal 200g 200g 55g
4 weeks 2300kcal 16100kcal, -1150kcal 200g 250g 55g

Also in this case the example can be optimized, the average of the 4 weeks deficit is however of -3250kcal. What we must take home with this protocol is that the first week is the hardest, then the diet is “downhill”. What ultimately counts is the monthly caloric deficit . The second important thing is that we decided to cut the carbohydrates and then gradually raise them (a typical reverse diet protocol). In this case we have included, in addition to the calorie factor, also macronutrients.

What to eat to lose weight fast?

what to eat to lose weight fast

By now to this question we should have already answered above, so more than dwell on what to eat to lose weight fast (low energy and protein rich foods), we see three important points that can help in the diet:

Work out

Training must be well thought out, train mainly against resistance to preserve lean mass. Remember that there are no exercises to lose weight , because regardless of what you do all the calories burn and is simply the calorie deficit to lose weight. In this article on the cardio you can find ideas on how to set it up.

Finally trained but remember that excessive training does not lose weight . When we stress our body too much it is easy to incur a metabolic stall .

The metabolic stall

The slimming down is a very frequent phenomenon when all the parameters are not optimized. If you stop losing weight for 7-10 days, rather than continue to stress, it is worth taking two weeks of break diet , where you go back to eating in normocalorica, increasing the calories from carbohydrates. Often the increase in calories and carbohydrates leads to increase the sense of hunger, it means that the strategy is working. We will talk in a separate article about this very interesting topic.

Women and diet

Finally, women are a separate chapter. They have advantages and disadvantages, they better preserve the lean mass of men but they more easily incur in metabolic stalls. To avoid this, with the fair sex, use less drastic approaches, chopping less calories, keep at least 50-60g of fat and watch the cycle remain regular. If it disappears, it is a sign that the diet is not good. Currently we have engaged various nutritionists, but as soon as we release we will publish a lot ‘of material to help women lose weight, a little’ in the wake of this article diet woman , mistakes to avoid.


I hope you enjoyed the article, remember that getting to lose weight quickly is never a good strategy. If you plan well all year, when you eat, you create the conditions and then lose weight quickly and well. The secret is to have a rewarding lifestyle that allows you to maintain your optimal condition almost all year round.
Thanks for coming here, good path 😉

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