Do you have a son? And then still be so tight ?! “ Yes, I have a son. And yes, it can be (real), tight again after a pregnancy. Although being tight is not my primary goal. My goal: to be healthy by taking good care of myself, to be an example for my child and a long and happy life. And I think that immediately there is my motivation: I do not see sports and healthy eating as something that has to, but something that I want, that I want myself, that I see as being nice to myself. Sports makes me happy, makes me clear my head and I can handle it more. This has its effect on me being a mother.

Sports & healthy living with a newborn baby

Everyone who has become (just) mother (or father) knows that life suddenly looks completely different. That was true for me too. My life changed by 380 degrees: interrupted nights (read: low energy and shorter days (getting up later / going to bed earlier), breastfeeding (even less energy), plans of feeding, sleeping, diapers, kids, work, household ( rest, cleanliness and regularity became my core business) and myself? I was happy when I finally sat down. It was switching and getting used to finding a new rhythm for sports and healthy eating. last but not least I wanted to find a way to be able to exercise again, but especially to be fit again (a delivery feels like you’ve run a marathon, the fitness afterward makes you think like you’ve never played: – ().

Sports as a habit

In the beginning, I found it difficult to find a new rhythm. Sports had become a habit. I sported 2-3 times a week immediately after work and once a week on Saturday or Sunday morning. This was my rhythm for years. Now I had to teach myself a different habit. My son is now almost 5 and through the years I have tried several things: running to work, Bodypump at 7.30 in the morning, fitness after work and home exercise (with weights and YouTube: Efit 30 and yoga online were my favorite).

In the past year, many things have changed for me, during the last 2.5 years I have the most care for my son, considering his father and I decided to separate three years ago. And yet I manage to exercise, to be fit and to eat healthy (and that while I work 32 hours, do a training and work on my own company: the Happiness).

How do I stay fit & healthy as a (working, single) mother?

1. I provide a positive mindset:

If I look at my life, I might find enough reasons (in my head) not to exercise. On the other hand, I am looking for reasons to do sports. I think in possibilities and not in limitations.

2. Sports & healthy living as a habit:

If something changes in my life (new job, new house, new rhythm), I look again at the possibilities and I make sure that sports come back into my rhythm. As a habit. And of course I do not feel like it, but that is with everything in life. By making it a habit, at fixed times and days, I go, even if I do not feel like it.

3. I sport from love for myself.

That I favor myself and not from coercion or duty (to be honest, I do not believe in that either: I often hear people say: ” I have to exercise more”, “I can not eat carbohydrates” , etc.). Have you ever observed what happens when you tell your child to do something? For example, sleeping or eating? What was her / his reaction? Right, you will not get anything! He / she determines whether he / she eats / sleeps. Compulsion and duty usually work counterproductive and that also works with you. Do not follow a diet, but make sure that sport and healthy living become a lifestyle!

4. I know what my (intrinsic) motivation is:

I play sports because it makes me happy. Sports itself is my goal. The result after that, the feeling: happy, energetic, fit, that’s the result. When I look around me, I think that this is one of the biggest success factors. People who are fit and healthy sports because the sport itself is their goal. You probably know the quote (from Confucius): “The road itself is your destination.” So remember: what is the reason why you want to be healthy and fit? Do you do it for yourself? Because you think that’s important and wants to? Or because you think you have to (through society, people around you?).

I do what suits me, which makes me happy. And that changes every now and then. At the moment I give sports lessons, which I think is fantastic to do! I get energy by motivating others. In addition, it ensures that I myself remain fit. I also love to get up early in the morning for a Yoga session at home (when everyone is still sleeping, including my son). These kinds of moments really make me happy!

Rest, cleanliness and regularity: in principle, I eat every day at the same times, breakfast, fruit in between, lunch, fruit/nuts/cracker in between, dinner, sometimes even in the evening a healthy snack (depending on my day/activity that evening). This ensures that I am not hungry during the day and therefore I am not tempted to eat more.

I eat outside of these times: in the evening, for example, I notice that I am going to start sowing, because I have to eat something now, then still cook (meanwhile I have put everything in my mouth and with the evening I eat myself often also more (if I eat with (severe) hunger.

Knowledge: I know what I eat. I read labels, so know how many carbohydrates (added sugars / congested sugars), fats and kcal are in the products I eat. Again, I see that many people are very misled by advertising and packaging: eg “without added flavor and color”. This is often bullshit! When you read the package, you see that it is packed with junk! So do not fool yourself! That is so sinning. Especially because you can do your best to eat healthily and then not reach a healthy weight. That frustrates and demotivates! Read the labels or use apps such as MyFitnessPal.

What do you face as being a mother? Let me know, I’m curious about your struggles!


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