You have probably spent a while working on an (if it is good) improved diet. You have also already determined how many calories you should eat and what the ideal distribution of the macronutrients would be. Then you started with the other advice and a change in your body composition took place (fat mass down, muscle mass up). This change in your fat percentage and fat-free (muscle) mass has consequences for your metabolism and thus caloric needs. It is, therefore, time to redo the calculation and see if a change in your energy intake is needed. 

What many people forget is that a diet should always be in development. A change is your physical means that you also have other energy needs. The mistake that is often made is to draw up a nutrition plan, whether or not by a ‘specialist’, and assume that this will help you in the next 6 months. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.


In addition to calculating your new energy needs, it is valuable to look at whether you are satisfied with what you have achieved so far. Have you achieved good results? Then consider how it is that you have been successful and where your strengths lie. Keep holding on and find ways to improve yourself further.

Have not reached what you had in mind? Analyze your behavior over the past 6 weeks and try to find out where you have dropped your stitches. Yet too much alcohol drunk? Limit it to a minimum of once every 2 weeks and pay attention to the quantity. Often hungry? You may be able to create more volume in your meals by increasing the consumption of vegetables. Choosing not to count calories? I advise you to do that from now on, after all: measuring = knowing! This can be done via MyFitnessPal. The insight and knowledge teach you to finally find what you feed and strengthen!

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