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Do you know that only a few elements are important for a long, healthy and happy life? And that you have influence here yourself? Dan Buettner (The Blue Zones Solution), together with National Geographic, researched the (so-called) blue zones. The people in these countries: Sardinia, Costa Rica (Nicoya), Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda in California and Ikaria (Greece), average 90 or even 100. The biggest explanation: the choices they make with their lifestyle.

Know how you can learn such a happy life style. Then read the following tips:

Say your subscription at the gym: say what ?! Yes, you read it correctly: no squats or long running sessions. The key to a long, healthy and happy life: move naturally. Walk, garden and do household chores (just manually, so without mixers and dishwashers).

1. Know what your goal is in life

It can extend your life expectancy by seven years. The Japanese call it “Ikigai”, in Costa Rica: “plan de vida”: the reason why you get out of bed in the morning.

2. Happy hours and naps during the day

The people in the blue zones routinely have rest moments scheduled daily. This ensures less stress. In Sardinia, for example, they have daily happy hours and they take afternoon nap in Costa Rica (let me now just be a master in naps during the day :).

3. 80% rule

Use a small plate, scoop in the kitchen, (the pans will leave you there and do not put you on the table) and eat until you are 80% full.

4. Eat mainly vegetable nutrition

(long live the vegan trend :-)), especially beans, such as broad beans and lentils. Meat is eaten a few times a month and divided into small portions.

5. Wine is fine

If you limit it to 2 glasses a day and drink in company.

6. Be your own guru

People who have beliefs live an average of fourteen years longer. The most important: find a community with like-minded people.

7. Friends & family above all else

Invest in the people who are most important to you: your partner, your children, your best friends. So no coffees / meet-ups with vague acquaintances: your inner circle that’s what counts!

Are you already applying these elements to your life? Or are there aspects that you want to change? Let me know!

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