As an online dietitian and nutrition coach, I can honestly say that nutrition also revolves around the balance. This may seem like an open door, but it is true. With the balance sheet, I mean that you should not make structurally unhealthy choices (logically), but certainly not by making obsessively only ‘healthy’ choices. You create balance by finding a good middle way here, that is what makes us happy as a person.

Do not be too strict

Of course, you sometimes have to give yourself a loving kick under the ass but do not be too strict on yourself. Do not impose too many restrictions or commands on yourself and let the reins sometimes celebrate. Because why not allow yourself to enjoy good food? Eating is both food for your body and food for your mind, something that we both need. So it does not hurt if you deviate and drink a wine or eat with your friends or girlfriends. Okay, the next day you’re a little more strict because that’s how you create the balance again.

Enjoy together

When you eat to do that together with people. Take time for each other, cook extensively and pay attention to each other and for the food. Food is not just pure nutrients, no, eating together is about life itself. Cosiness, intimacy, love, good conversations and also a moment of rest to take a break from all the troubles of the day. Be grateful for these moments and save them in your memory.

You do not fail after one choice

We sometimes want to look at food in black and white, but that is not the way it works. Whether you are healthy does not depend on one choice, one nutrient, one product or one meal. If you opt for a glass of wine, an extensive lunch or have a pizza on a Friday night, this does not mean that you have had a bad week. How you eat all week, the whole month and the whole year, that is decisive! So enjoy that pizza very much and then make sure that you are in the flow because that kind of person is and remains the balance through which you can maintain it.

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