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Essential yoga exercises for women after 40 years

After 40 a woman has a difficult period. This is the time when you need to reconsider your attitude to the activities and rhythm of life in general. In this post we give the basic restorative yoga exercises for women during and before the menopause.

Restorative yoga postures during the onset of menopause.

Give 15-30 minutes to these exercises to regain good health, get rid of dizziness, “hot flashes” and other signs of approaching menopause. The most experienced trainer in women’s yoga Natalia Kuzmicheva recommends that women after 40 perform these exercises every day. In this case, the effect will be stable.

  • Shavasana with support (Thank you for the wonderful images of the site of the Ufa Yoga studio “Prana” ).

  • Supta-Buddha Conasana with support.

  • Balasana with support.

  • Viparita Karani is wise with support.

  • Set Bandha Sarvangasana with support (Thank you for the image of the site “Yoga in Togliatti” ).

Why are restorative postures so important?

The question about the practice of yoga during the menopause and before it was raised by our reader Natalia Titar:
– I’m 44, – writes Natalia in our blog , – she was engaged in aerobics, dancing all her life. Always been mobile, easy to climb. Two years ago I started yoga and all the time I have to force myself to do, the body resists, everything hurts, I feel like a beaten dog. I am engaged in a day in the hall, the level is easy-average, in the morning 30 minutes I am engaged every day. Previously, such a load was not difficult for me, now it’s hard work. I think that this is due to hormonal changes. How to be, how to build practice during this transition period? Thank you, Natalia.

The teacher of yoga for women answers Natalia Kuzmicheva:

– This is a very important issue for women after 40. At this time, many women begin to notice unusual sensations: the regular rhythm of menstrual periods is first confused, then restored again, fatigue, emotional sensitivity, want more privacy than usual, then there are “hot flashes”. This means that the hormonal reorganization of the body enters a deep phase. This time is similar to the preparation of the organism for menarche (the first menstruation), only vice versa. Hormonal and nervous systems prepare the body for the next phase of life. This is the time when most of us are reviewing their lives and, often, very worried: whether attractiveness, energy level, relationships with loved ones, health, harmony, etc. will remain. The physical condition and psyche undergo profound changes, stretched for months or years. At this time, it is necessary to begin reviewing many aspects of life: the rhythm of life, occupation, diet, rest … find a new attitude to yourself. There is a wonderful book on yoga“Yoga for a mature woman” Susa Francina . In it, sets of exercises for women of this period of life are given. Susa talks about “Tides”, “terrible hot waves” or “Waves of Force” and how to treat it. (I will add more books of Susa: “Yoga and wisdom of menopause”, “New yoga for those over 50” – Eugene)

Where to learn the practice of yoga for women after 40?

Answering this question, we with Natalia came to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to hold a special shopping mall on this topic. This will be an inexpensive event, available at any level of income. Natalia will teach you the delicacies of relaxation, exercises for restoring the hormonal balance, techniques for raising the mood. The task of this shop is to help the woman cope with unexpected changes in health and in the behavior of the organism after 40. Ask your questions, and if you have already passed this period, your wise support can help those who are in the process of passing this particular stage in life. The date of the tour-shop is November 20. The venue and the exact time will be reported separately: in the newsletter, in the comments to this post, in the Seminars section .

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