We do not have to conceal this, running is a challenging sport both mentally and physically. There is a lot of perseverance involved, once running you suddenly feel that your forehead is getting very wet. Oh, it’s raining. Then as soon as possible home, which is also difficult because you can not run very fast yet. Forget it , go now with a positive vibe out the door and you will see that it will go a lot better. 

We are going to keep the positive vibe in today. Running involves enough advantages, and is much more than just losing weight. Running is ideal because it can be done all year round. You do not need much to run fast, just a pair of well-fitting running sneakers and a girl boss outfit of course  . 😉It is suitable for almost everyone, you can make a number of kilometers wherever and whenever you want. Do not let yourself be pushed back. By running hard you build endurance and you also grow muscles.


Running gives a powerful feeling, it ensures that you feel alive. Every step you take is important. Of course everyone has from those days that things are less, but in the end you do it for something. By keeping a goal in mind you will be more motivated to go, and you can build a healthy body. Eventually you are able to continue for longer what gives you a boost  , you can handle the whole world! It is scientifically proven that the substance endorphins is released during running. Endorphins is a substance that is produced by the pituitary during physical exertion. Endorphins provide a feeling of happiness, so what are you waiting for?


While running, you can take a moment for yourself. It gives you the opportunity to forget your busy life for a moment and to put everything together in a row. For example, you do not have to think about your problems and obligations , you can forget the rest during this me-time . Running is like an outlet for your emotions. It’s great to end the day with a round of running, the load running off our shoulders and then full-focu s against it!

Amazing body & soul

Running plays a positive role in feeling great and fit. You get more confidence in your own possibilities and because you get better at yourself, you ultimately make better choices for yourself!

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