Carbohydrates are bad! Proteins are bad! Sugar is bad! Fats are bad! Dairy is bad! Soy is bad! I follow a new diet! I have weight loss pills that really work! I have weight loss shakes that really work! A vibrating plate that really works or even better, a vibrating slimming belt that you can handle from your love handles in no time.

In an age where all kinds of information and the opinions of millions of people can be found online, it is sometimes difficult to find out what really works. I have no longer believed in Tell-Sell’s fairy tale with their wonder pipes, devices, and DVDs. Because unfortunately, when you watch that Pilate DVD sitting on the couch with a bag of vegetable chips, you really do not get a six-pack ;-). In the meantime, I can say that I am an experienced expert and that all diets work. Atkins, Weightcare, South Beach …As long as you keep on working, they all work and that is exactly the problem. It is not too full! And why not? Because your body is not built to live on three shakes, no carbs or 36 eggs. A diet is something temporary and you will not last your life. But what does it work and can also be maintained?

Diet Lifestyle

At the moment gluten and lactose intolerance hot items. We go en masse to the game butter ham and soy yogurt. I also of course, because if it is new I have to try it (Grandma, thanks for this property!). Pretty soon I found out that soy yogurt gave me much less stomach pain than regular yogurt. After a visit to the doctor, I turned out to have lactose intolerance. Dairy is bad, for me! This certainly does not mean that dairy is bad for everyone. From the dairy, I switched to the soy products. Also not a great success because all those delicious soy yogurts are lots of sugars and I did not want to. Meanwhile, I have found my balance in this. Occasionally soy yogurt, fewer carbohydrates, lots of protein and lots of vegetables! Is this then the wonder diet? No,

To work

Sunday evening you start with the so-called meal prepping. Your kitchen appears to be on a battlefield in no time and you have now cooked enough rice to feed an entire orphanage. All beans, rice, and fish neatly distributed over the plastic Tupperware trays. Separate boxes with snacks and your dressing on the side of course. This takes a lot of time but how delicious your refrigerator looks after with all healthy meals piled up and ready to go. The next morning when you go out the door, you get your boxes and Kees is ready. After a while, you have invented what works for you and you will really feel better. But then there is the next challenge.

Your environment

Wherever you are, your family, friends, colleagues, even strangers are going to ask you: What is that? Why do you eat that? Which diet is that? Does it work? You do not need that anyway? Then you can explain to these people why you eat cold rice from a plastic container at 9.00 in the morning while you are not following a diet. That is ladies, to say the least, a challenge. Because these people all have an opinion, no matter how sweet. And they are going to announce that. – You’re not too fat, are you? – Do you eat carbohydrates? That is bad for you! – Is that plastic tray BPA free? I do not have a morning mood, but I also get slightly annoyed because of this. Try to explain how and why you do this. You obviously do not owe these people an explanation, but from a bot ” you interfere with your own business ” it does not get any fun. Anne, avoid discussions when you are hungry;  no one likes a hungry girl 😉

The birthday

After you have been spotted a few times with your healthy meals and a soy latte, the next challenge comes. ”The birthday”. Without you realizing it, you are being watched and at the moment you let your hand slide to the bowl of chips, they are standing next to you. “Can you do that?” Or “You’re on a diet?” “Breathe in, breathe out … Study the next piece and you’re guaranteed to be free for the rest of the birthday: Yes, I like this and no, I’m not on a diet. I eat healthy because I feel good about it. I choose to eat chips tonight and maybe I’ll also have a butterball! (Okay, afterward you might not really have a butterball but celery but the above answer works well!).

What you do not want you to do, do not do that either

Many or few carbohydrates, vega, vegan or meat eater, dairy or soy. Take the time to find out what works for you. Once you have found your balance in this, you will feel a lot better. Give the people around you the time to get used to it. Even if it is the hundredth time you have to explain it. In the end, you do this for yourself. Now that you have experienced how annoying it can be when you have an opinion about your lifestyle without asking, do not do the same. No one is happy with a FitGirl who proclaims everywhere that cola light must be exchanged for a wheatgrass shot ;-).

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