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At the age of 18, the time was there .. I stopped dancing and joined a gym nearby. Fitness was not entirely my thing and I signed up for a lesson Bodypump. I was immediately sold!

What I like so much about Bodypump is that you train all muscle groups in your body in one hour: the legs, chest, back, buttocks, triceps, biceps, shoulders and stomach and that on nice music. Within 12 weeks I already saw results (after my 16th I could not eat anything I wanted, so a small layer of bacon had nestled over my belly). Soon the lines of my abdominal muscles became visible again. The lessons alone I found delicious, but by seeing results in such a short time, I made every week faithfully followed every lesson.

Until now 10 years later …. it was time to view the lesson from the other side of the room. I signed up for a training as an instructor, so that I could inspire, motivate and coach ‘on stage’ people in a healthy and sporty lifestyle. As a scientifically trained I was again curious about the how what and why of Bodypump. I went to research for and my passion for Bodypump. Why, for example, the slogan: ‘Bodypump the fastest way to get in shape’?

Les Mills Body pump – a total-body workout of just one hour

Body pump is characterized by a ‘ barbell ‘ – a bar where loose weights can be attached. Because you as a participant can decide how much weight (resistance) you attach to your barbell, Body pump is suitable for every person: for beginners, regular athletes or experienced athletes. You can regulate the intensity yourself! ‘ The choice is yours.’

Your main muscle groups will be discussed in 60 minutes. The instructor gives instructions about the exercises, the pace, and the movements. The instructor will also coach, motivate and teach you lessons about sports, exercise, and health.

Les Mills is the engine behind every Bodypump class: a New Zealand organization with a diversity of group fitness programs in more than 80 countries worldwide. Every 12 weeks, Les Mills develops a new program: with a new focus, training goals, and music. The program is carefully composed and supported by scientific research.

What benefits does Bodypump have for you?

Bodypump is more focused on the number of repetitions than on weight (resistance). Many women worry that they become “too muscular” by weight training. That is certainly not the case because the body pump gives your body just beautiful shapes. Bodypump is characterized mainly by the many repetitions and therefore focuses mainly on improving the condition and muscle endurance.

Because the muscles are continuously triggered during the lesson, followed by the recovery that the muscles need after a body pump lesson, the metabolism (even at rest) is increased. The muscle mass is increased. And many of you now know that more muscles also require more energy (calories) to stay in shape. And here’s the reason why body pump (in my opinion) is called the ‘fastest way to get in shape’.

Personally, I think that the ‘fastest’ does not go all the way because I believe that other forms of exercise also ensure that you get into shape in an efficient and effective way. But that you quickly achieve results with body pump, I am convinced!

What is the result of Bodypump?

If you follow a lesson Bodypump 2-3 times a week, you can start to feel and see a difference in your body after about 6-12 weeks. In the first weeks, your body will increase in strength. After that your body will grow in muscle strength: the body creates extra muscle fibers to meet the demand. *

Bodypump consists of movements like Squats, Lunges and Clean & Presses, which creates pressure on the bones. This in combination with resistance ensures the production of new bone or an improvement in bone density.

The exercises in a Bodypump class are functional. This means that the activities in daily life are made easier. During a body pump class, you are constantly being taught to adopt a good attitude. This helps you improve your posture in daily life.


  • With a Bodypump lesson, you burn an average of 473 calories per class.
  • You will also continue to burn after class (the so-called EPOC excess post-exercise oxygen consumption ).
  • Bodypump increases your metabolism.
  • Bodypump helps you to lose body fat.
  • Bodypump improves your overall condition.
  • With Bodypump your muscles get a nice shape
  • You will become stronger with Bodypump.
  • By focusing on the ‘set position’, you create a correct attitude.
  • Bodypump improves your bone density, reducing the risk of bone loss.
  • Bodypump helps you to gain more confidence, feel better in your skin and feel happier.

Enthusiastic? Check the gyms in the neighborhood, whether they give Bodypump lessons. At most gyms, you can take a free trial lesson. A nice way to get acquainted with Bodypump. Will you also become addicted to the power of Bodypump? ‘ The fastest way to get in shape !’ 



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