If you’re naked in front of the mirror, you want to look good, right? Then you want to look at what you see with a satisfied feeling. Okay, a few inches longer would be nice, but is not realistic. Image improvement, on the other hand, is very realistic and feasible.

That number on the scale

If you look in the mirror you see improvement. With good courage you go to work and you decide to pay more attention to your diet. You drink only one wine on the Saturday night and start moving more regularly. After a week you are full of expectation on the scale, and what do you think … No result, not even half a kilo. You are deeply disappointed, because you had done your best.

Is the weight always important if we want to look better in the mirror? No, it is certainly not the most important thing. More important is reducing the fat percentage and building muscle mass. You achieve this by means of strength training and the right nutrition. The result is a strong, healthy and fit body.

Why strength training?

Strength training has, among other things, the goal of muscle building and shaping of the body. In addition, you become stronger, and which woman does not want that? Your self-confidence gets a boost. With strength training you reach your desired figure the fastest. This of course in collaboration with a good diet. You will burn more fat through strength training. This is because you build up more muscle mass. Muscles consume more energy, so you burn more calories during the day.

You have to understand what you have to do in terms of strength training. So make sure you have a GOOD strength training program. How the exercises should be carried out, knows how your schedule works in terms of tempo, number of repetitions and sets, rest pauses etcetera. In addition, ensure variety, so that your body is regularly challenged. Do not forget your diet. Which choices do I have to make in terms of nutrition? How many calories do you need? What are the right macronutrients?

Go for it and pump some iron!

Ready, set, go? Pay attention and let your training schedule match the goals of a woman. In general, they are a good pair of good buttocks, tight legs and nice shoulders.

So do not use the same schedule as the men do in the gym, but a schedule that consists mainly of compound lifts. These are great exercises such as Deadlift, Squat, Glute Bridges, Shoulder Press (all four including variations) and exercises that focus on stretching the hips and squeezing the buttocks. Make sure you do not go too low in the number of repetitions per set, so try to stay between 6 and 12 repetitions.

But do I get big from strength training?

The girls of Holland’s Next Top Model already warned me when I went to accompany them: “I really do not want to become a body builder. My legs have to stay slim and tight and I do not want to get the shoulders of a judoka. “Just like for models, this is a common fear for many women. However, women make certain hormones less in comparison with men; hormones that make men easier to build muscle mass. It is important to understand how you build muscle mass to achieve the desired result.

How do I see results?
That scale is not the salutary indicator for your progression. You measure the result in other ways:

  1. How do you feel?;
  2. Look at how your clothes are;
  3. Measure the size of shoulders, chest, waist and hips every 4 weeks;
  4. Create progress photos. There often happens more than you think.

Need help?

Find a good personal trainer / professional who has earned his spurs with good results, and someone who knows what he is talking about. Do not rush into the sea with a personal trainer. Ask others about their experiences with the person in question. I also think it is important that they also undergo what they proclaim. “Practice what you preach!”

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