Have you always been the most fanatical during the gym classes? Did you excel during the beep test or when you had to run outside with the whole class? Then you probably know how to run. Or were you simply good at dodging balls during darts? This of course does not mean that running is a breeze!

Nowadays we are so often on our mobile that we can do many more things with it than just sending messages via WhatsApp or scrolling through Facebook. There are many apps that you can download that help you become a better runner, or even become a runner at all! We have put together 8 apps for you that you should definitely download. These are suitable for beginners or experienced runners.


1. C25K

This app was first called Couch Potato to Running 5K. It is a suitable name for this app. C25K is designed for people who do not run or even hate running. The app helps you build strength by focusing on walking and running at the same time. It is a plan for 8 weeks, three times a week and it takes 30 minutes per training. It is therefore also realistic to add to your daily activities.
(Free app via iOS and Android ) 

2. RunGo

The same round of running can, of course, be boring. But you yourself think of running routes is not always very easy. RunGo has a list of more than 40,000 routes worldwide, including navigation system! This is of course perfect when you visit a new city and you want to run a bit. The app also has the option to create your own route: use your finger to determine your route and the app creates the walking directions. You can save the routes you make yourself so that you can walk again later.
(Free via  iOS and Android )

3. Human

Many apps suggest that you have to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, but it appears that this number was created by marketers and not by scientists . The app Human tackles it differently. The app motivates you to move for at least 30 minutes a day. With the enclosed ‘tracker’ it keeps track of your physical activity. This includes a Pulse that shows you how you stand compared to other people in the neighborhood!
(Free via iOS and Android )

4. Endomondo

Endomondo has, like all other fitness apps, a tracker that is on while you are running (duration, distance, speed and calories). But this app really stands out because of the social part. You can ‘connect’ with your running buddies and you can send them an audio-pep talk, race at their best time or you can leave a comment to congratulate them on their most recent run.
(Free via  iOS and Android )


5. Strava Running and Cycling

Looking for an app that goes next level? Strava Running and Cycling must be the app you want to download. The app offers much more than the traditional apps. Using Strava segments you can see how well you have been running on certain parts of your favorite route. If you go for Strava Premium, Beacon keeps your location in real time, so you can exercise safely. This option includes personal training and live feedback on your performance during your activity. Strava also has monthly challenges that challenge you to run faster and harder.
(Free via  iOS and Android )

6. Fitso Running and Fitness Coach

This is an app for experienced runners who want to lose some weight or keep it stable. Fitso uses the data you have already collected (pace, distance, duration and calories burned) to eventually give a diet that suits you. The app contains hundreds of healthy recipes, including the amount per recipe and a handy attached shopping list to make the meal!
(Free via  iOS and Android )

7. Runtastic

If you have a running goal, then Runtastic helps you achieve it. The app includes a built-in audio coach. This app goes a step further than the normal apps. He displays the local weather and even shows sunrises and descent so you can easily and quickly plan your next running session. So you will never be surprised by a downpour, unless of course you like to run in the rain. The app also comes with a music playlist that automatically pause when you stop. Are you looking for an extra  boost? The app also has a virtual encouragement that can turn you on!
(Free via  iOS and Android )

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