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Everyone knows that healthy eating: fruit, vegetables, fresh produce, exercise, and peace are good for you. Yet it is so incredibly difficult to actually apply what we know. And that is unfortunate, because this causes disappointment, the feeling of failure and the feeling that you do not succeed, while you are trying so hard. Good news, with these tips you manage to break your habits and patterns:

  1. First, measuring is knowing! Keep a food diary. Nowadays you have very nice apps for this. MyFitnesspal for example. Yes, it takes time in the beginning, but change also needs time. Later you know what you eat, what the right portions look like and you do not have to keep up. Weigh your food. Know what your portions are and what this means for your kcal intake.
  2. Read labels: know what you eat! This is such an important point. We are so misled by packaging and commerce. Take coconut yogurt as an example, which looks super healthy, but in one cup of coconut yogurt (300 grams) of the AH are already 420 kcal. And then you still have nothing in it: no muesli, no fruit, no nuts.
  3. Focus on your behavior and not on the results! We often focus too much on the intended result and not on the required behavior to achieve that result. Be patient and realistic: a six-pack cannot be reached in 6 weeks, provided you do not already have a pretty tight stomach. Do not eat the yellow snow! A big change often takes at least half a year.
  4. Be realistic! The idea of changing and living healthier in our heads is different from reality. Failure is part of it: change comes with trial and error. You learned cycling by trial and error. You may also fail here. Do not be angry with yourself. Then pick up the thread again. Everyone happens to this. For real!
  5. Make a plan. The Basic Change Method from cognitive psychology & behavioral psychology is a useful tool:

Get real

Know what your goal is and know what behavioral change is (really) necessary for this. Check your goal for self-deception: are you honest in your objective? Is it feasible, realistic and measurable? Request support from a friend/someone you trust. Or let yourself be helped by a coach.

Make plans

How can you change your behavior? What is needed for this? It is important that you know which stimuli stimulate your habitual behavior and how you can act in difficult situations. Visualize your behavior. Also, visualize how you deal with vulnerable moments where temptation lurks. Imagine, for example, that you are in the supermarket, the chips, chocolate and biscuits over, you pick up a basket, look for lots of fresh vegetables: paprika, carrot, celery, snack tomatoes and only run out of the store with healthy products. Do not forget the beginning dip: at the start of a change process, we often experience reluctance, frustration, loss. Prepare for this emotional dip.

Take action

In other words! Practice the export of new behavior and measure this behavior (in the beginning daily!). Only later will you look at the results.

Finally, do not listen to the voice in your head: that you are not good enough, not fit enough, not slim enough. You too can change! For real! Believe in yourself!

Good luck!

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